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What no one will tell you but we will tell you about organizing a baby shower

One of the most special feelings on this earth is to become a mother. The feeling is almost indescribable for several women who are soon going to be proud mothers. The feelings may be mixed initially, but the moment the baby arrives in this world, the bond between mother and child is priceless and valuable. A Baby Shower is the most exciting event to plan the welcome of the baby. A lot of planning goes into the perfect designing of the event. The mother-to-be is made to feel very special and is showered with blessings and gifts by her near and dear ones. Some tips will help in the perfect planning of the event.

Event planners are involved for the planning of the event


It is a good idea to avail the service of the event management firm as they have the experience to design the party in the perfect manner. They take care of every detail right from start to finish and ensure that the party is a successful one. Though it is usually organised by the ladies of the family of the mother-to-be like grandmothers, aunts, mother, mother-in-law, sisters, and friends, yet external help proves to be very advantageous.

Planning an Event?

Budget has to be determined


This is the first and the most important step for planning the party. Everything is dependent upon the budget and further planning can be executed only if the budget is known. Involvement of vendors, caterers, decorators, returns gifts, etc.becomes meaningful only when clarity of budget is known.

Venue decision


It can be organised in the home or an event hall, hotel or resort. But venue planning is an integral part of the show.

Making a guest list


The parents-to-be should be involved in the designing of the guest list. They can decide whether they want to keep the party a ladies affair or a mixed gender party. Depending on this factor, further decision can be taken for the planning of the event.

Decide the theme and the decoration of the venue


Several couples are aware of the gender of the child. Thus the decoration of the venue is based on the colour and theme. The decoration can be floral with color schemes and trendy ideas can be applied by the event manager to make the event creative and successful.

Plan for music setup


If music and dance is a part of the celebration, then the installation of the music system and speakers is inevitable. Some even hire DJ for the events.

Food and drinks


The caterer can be contacted and hired for the event. if the party is in a hotel, then the food would be in-house. The menu for food and beverage can be decided and the lay-out of the menu can also be done as per the theme and decoration of the party.

The mother-to-be can open the gifts in the presence of the guests


This gesture adds a personal touch and charm to the party. Even guests look forward to this segment of the party.

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