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Rainbow Theme Birthday Party Ideas for Super Fun!

Now that the winter is over, it is time for green grass, golden sun and the bright colours of the rainbow and bright flowers! If you’re someone who loves colour and is overjoyed by it, a rainbow party is a go-to. If you’re afraid of it being too much colour that might be overwhelming, don’t worry because we’re here with some of the best rainbow party ideas for you that you will absolutely love!

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First things, first!

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Rainbow Themed Birthday Party Invitations

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Making cute rainbow party invites will surely make your guests smile before the party! You can get rainbow colored lollipops and attach the invitation to them OR make your own invitations using rainbow glitter and some ribbons, or surprise your guests with rainbow confetti inside the invitation envelope!

Rainbow Themed Balloon Arch

A rainbow color-themed balloon arch is perfect for an outdoor birthday party or a pool party. Get balloons of all the colours of the rainbow and put up the arch at the entrance or by the pool. Throw some rainbow floats in the pool and you’re good to go!

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Rainbow Themed Birthday Party Decorations

Embrace all the colours! But try not to overwhelm the space with too many colours. Break the pattern by adding white, in the form of clouds or just simple white balloons. If there is a rainbow-coloured backdrop, having a white tablecloth will be a good contrast. Similarly having rainbow colored polka-dotted or striped plates and glasses will be a great idea. You can add rainbow streamers or pom poms to give the place a more festive look.

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Colourful Rainbow Snacks for Birthday Party

RAINBOW POPSICLES: A cool treat for your theme party would be rainbow coloured popsicles, made with fresh fruit. 

RAINBOW SMOOTHIES: Sneak some nutrition into the food with rainbow fruit smoothies and add some jelly to make it extra special.

RAINBOW CUPCAKES: Have rainbow colored sprinkles on cupcakes or have the kids decorate their own cream-filled cupcakes. 

RAINBOW COOKIES: Make your own cookies or have some fun with the kids by baking your own cookies and topping them with colourful m&m’s or gems.

RAINBOW FRUIT KEBABS: Cut different fruits in interesting shapes, put them on a skewer and you have the perfect healthy snack ready.

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Party Games for Rainbow Themed Birthday

The party isn’t complete without a few games! Pin the cloud on the rainbow is a great idea. You can get a big cutout of a rainbow and have the kids pin a cloud on it with a blindfold on. 

You can also have a cute rainbow piñata for the kids and fill it up with small goodies like candy or small stationery items.

If the weather is good, pick up some spray paints that won’t harm the grass and make your own Lawn Twister game! Use bright rainbow colours to keep with your rainbow party theme, and guests will have so much fun with it.

If the party is for little children, an effortless way to keep them entertained is to fill an inflatable pool with small balls of different colours. You can make your very own ball pit at home.

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Rainbow Themed Craft Activity for Birthday Party

Children love getting their hands dirty! Melted crayon art is an all-time favourite and thoroughly enjoyed by everybody. Stick crayons of different colours on one end of the canvas and blow dry them facing downwards till they melt and give off a beautiful pattern. Kids can carry their creations home, if they wish to!

Rainbow Themed Favor Bags for Birthday Party

Give out a small rainbow goodie bag to everyone at the end of the party and fill it up with interesting trinkets, paints, colours or candy, the kids will love it! Here are some rainbow themed goody bags to consider.

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Rainbow Themed Cake for Birthday Party

Everyone agrees that the cake is the best part of a party! Get a cake in your favourite shape and tell the baker to top it with white frosting for a rainbow surprise when it is cut. Or have it the other way around with rainbow on the outside and amazing vanilla filling on the inside. 

Rainbow Themed Photobooth for Birthday Party

Set up a photo booth to capture memorable moments! You can have rainbow party hats, different coloured funky face masks, seven colours of the rainbow sashes or even a clown nose in different colours for the kids to choose their favourite one and go crazy, this will definitely earn a few smiles from your guests!

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Don’t forget to have your own share of fun while planning this full of colors and fun birthday for your dear one!

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