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Kids’ Birthday Party Themes Suitable For Small Spaces

Kids’ Birthday Party Themes Suitable For Small Spaces

When it comes to kids’ birthday parties, the key is to be creative. Especially in apartments where the living spaces are relatively small, you have to really get the imagination engine up and running. After all, the party should be able to fulfill whatever ideas or wishes your little prince or princess comes up with. From slumber parties to Superhero bonanza, you could always use up that little space to create something big. Small spaces do not always have to mean compromises and we’d like to prove that to you through these six amazing and creative ideas if you are running short on space for your kids’ birthday party. Make sure to go big on decor, games and fun activities and space won’t seem like a problem at all.

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1. Popcorns and Projector Birthday Theme

It’s Movie Time!

Planning an Event?

This one’s pretty simple. All you need are a guest list that includes your little one’s best buddies, some blankets, popcorns, fairy lights, their favourite movie and a projector! Choose an empty wall in your living room, darken the space by drawing the curtains and set up the projector. Spread the blankets with Bolster pillows and suave cushions along with some fairy lights to make it look like a picnic mixed with a cosy movie theatre experience. Keep ready tons of savouries and beverages for them to hog on while they watch their favourite animation or superhero movie — and you are set for a party like no other!

2. Camping Birthday Theme

Next Camping Destination: Indoors! 

For an indoor camping experience — think makeshift tents with blankets and chairs, jungle sounds for some thrill, torchlights, marshmallows, plenty of beverages and other yummy treats. Amp up the imagination game and go on to arrange for an indoor scavenger/ bear (made out of cardboard) hunt. You could also arrange for a horror story-session around an imaginary campfire (made of Play-Doh, perhaps). You can decorate the room with cardboard cut-outs of animals and trees to make it look more life-like. Your imagination is the limit. 

3. The DIY Birthday Theme 

Getting Creative!

This one’s fun for all ages alike. Who doesn’t like some DIY fun activities? You could start off with making your living room a DIY art station. Provide the kids with all the necessary stationery and make sure to include lots of glitters (‘cuz glitter makes anyone and everyone happy). It could end up being a friendly DIY art competition with gifts for all the little ones at the end. Sure, it’ll be a  messy affair but it’s certainly going to be super fun and engaging for all the kids. Do not forget sumptuous food and beverages for all art lovers to hog on after a day’s hard work. 

4. Escape Room Birthday Theme

Get out, if you can!

The whole idea of being locked inside a room and finding clues to ultimately find the key and unlock it, reeks of mystery and thrill.  You could set up one of the rooms or multiple rooms based on a theme — could be based on anything ranging from a novel to a movie plot — and hide clues everywhere inside the room for the kids to find. This theme definitely calls for adult supervision but make sure they don’t end up helping the kids in finding the clues and ruining the fun. This could be played in teams of two or individually. Make sure to reward the winners with a gift or two, always works as an incentive!

5. Chocolate Birthday Theme 

Make Your Own Chocolate!

Just like the DIY theme, this one’s messy but fun. What kid does not thrill to chocolates? And making your very own chocolate definitely ups the ante. Set up a chocolate-making station for the kids. Pre-set moulds filled with melted chocolate. Set up a table with bowls full of candies, gummy bears, colourful sprinkles and everything that could go inside the mix. Take each kid’s personalised chocolate mould and refrigerate it. While it freezes to perfection, they could all enjoy a meal, some fun games such as tail-the-donkey and later for dessert — personalised chocolates! Or the personalised chocolates could double as a party favour, too. 

6. Slumber Birthday Party Theme

Pajama party anyone?

This one’s the easiest on the list. All you need to set this one up are fairy lights for decor, cosy blankets, cushions and a set of extra bedding or two — and you’re all set! Keep board games, movies, beverages and tons of yummy food handy ‘cause the night’s gonna be long. The theme could be a movie marathon, gaming or a gossip session: whatever floats your kid’s boat. This one theme will flow on its own and there’s very little that you have to do except be the F&B in-charge along with a smidge of supervision here and there. 

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  1. Aren’t these kids lucky?! Of course, we did have slumber parties and the normal cake-cutting party. But theme parties sound like so much fun! The indoor camping and DIY themes take the cake! These theme parties involve a lot of hard work and effort from the parent’s side, but the kids and their friends end up having a whale of a time!

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