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10 Bridesmaid Gifts that are surely going to Win their Hearts!

Your gal squad has stuck by you through thick and thin — from organising that impeccable bachelorette party to wedding shopping, they’ve borne it all with you and how. Whether you’ve known each other since school, college or have recently bonded to the level where they are nothing short of a sister to you, you have most certainly had memories to cherish forever and you’re only going to make many more. No time could be more befitting than your wedding reception day to say a big THANK YOU to these wonderful ladies that have helped you in your journey up until the D-day — by giving them carefully chosen tokens of appreciation. 

Choose from a delightful list of options that could totally be reused and not end up in the trash. 

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These gifts are surely going to let them know how special they are. Show them the love through these gift ideas, for being the best of friends and for not leaving your side through the roller-coaster ride of wedding planning. We’ve rounded up the 10 best bridesmaid gifts that will certainly make them feel appreciated in every possible way (oh and psst… won’t burn a hole in your pockets either). 

1. House of Tara Canvas Tote Bags as Bridesmaid(s) Gift

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Totes are the number one go-to bag choice for every woman. They are versatile, spacey, easy-to-use and perfect for everyday use. Just like your bridesmaid has been through thick and thin with you, this tote is going to be by their side as their rock-solid companion. What’s more, it will be the perfect reminder of your big day, every time they use it.

2. Saree as Bridesmaid(s) Gift

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A saree is a quintessential element of every Indian woman’s wardrobe. It shouts classy, traditional and elegance all over the place. It could just be the perfect idea to give all your bridesmaids matching sarees to wear on the reception day or at the engagement party. An elegant choice of saree could just end up finding a permanent spot in their wardrobe, too!

3. Automatic Face Roller as Bridesmaid(s) Gift


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This piece of luxury is an ideal pre-wedding gift (well yes, for your bridesmaids too). Make sure to give this automatic skin tightening face roller to them before they glam up for the big day— the perfect way to get that instant glow for a long night of celebration.

4. Silverwala Turquoise Studs for Bridesmaid(s)


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Stud Earrings are never not well-received, especially when they are embedded with turquoise stones like this one from Silverwala. Give your bridesmaid(s) the chance to remember you and cherish your big day every time they adorn these stunning studs.

5. Personalised Photo-frames from the Big Day for Bridesmaid(s)

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What better way to show them the well-deserved appreciation than to hand over personalised photo frames from your big day? These designer photo frames are a perfect size and would certainly look elegant sitting on their coffee tables. You could make sure to take individual pictures with them on your big day, fit them in the frames and then post them as a pleasant surprise token of gratitude, or personally hand them over.

6. WOW Vitamin essential Clay for Bridesmaid(s)

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Another option in the luxury beauty category is this absolutely delightful WOW vitamin essential clay mask pack. Gift it to them to include in their beauty routines before the party begins. Let them look and feel their best —they’ve deserved it, after all!

7. Paprika Tokri Soy Candles for Bridesmaid(s)


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Decor items are always a good gifting option. Especially when they are environment-friendly, aromatic soy candles. Give them something to light up their house like they have never missed a moment to light up your life.

8. Yardley Gift set- Lavender Range for Bridesmaid(s)


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The sweet harvest of Lavender has a heavenly smell. Yardley’s Lavender Rage Gift set is nothing but a godsend. Gift your lovely bridesmaids this heavenly fragrance gift pack and give them a treat to the senses.

9. The Body Shop Strawberry Deluxe Gift Set for Bridesmaid(s)

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Luxury beauty never fails to impress. The body shop is a brand that has built a place in everyone’s hearts with its top-class products. This one could give you a run for the money but it’ll totally be worth it! For the extra special girl squad that has been nothing but a blessing in your life — go on, and give them the gift of luxury.

10. Thank you and appreciation Gift Cards for Bridesmaid(s)


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Lastly, for the hard-to-shop-for bridesmaids and the not-so-fond- of-shopping you out there— this one’s perfect! Give your bridesmaids these special Thank you Amazon gift cards topped up with an amount of your choice. Let them indulge in the beautiful experience of online shopping, while you can rest assured that your money was spent on the best gift possible!

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