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Pre Wedding Photoshoot

Have the Most Innovative Pre-Wedding Shoot & Create Memories for a Lifetime!

Pre-wedding shoot is a trend that has caught up in the recent times with couples who are soon to be married. It is a very fun and innovative trend where couples can show off their engagement in style. It has gained popularity in the last few years, and the couples have been innovating on the concepts ever since. They look to hire the best of the photographers to capture these moments and then use the photos in their wedding invites or for save-the-date. More and more couples are choosing to follow this trend and enjoy shooting with each other.
Pre-wedding photo shoot requires a good amount of planning regarding location, props, outfits, and much more. The photos need to be perfect, and hence a lot of thought needs to go from the photographer’s side as well to make the shoot more interesting. You can research on a lot of quirky and innovative ideas which will match your personality and make a theme to represent your relationship. A few kinds of shots that every couple must try during their pre-wedding shoot are as follows:

The Ring Shot

Ring Shot

You can use your engagement rings as props and click innovate shots highlighting them to announce your engagement.

Shot with Balloons

Balloon Shot

You can use colourful balloons and click fun shots holding them in various manners. You can write text on the balloons and make it more interesting.

For Event Planning Trends

The Save-The-Date Shot

Save the Date shot

You can write your wedding date in an innovate manner and have a picture taken with it so that you can use the picture for your Save-The-Date invite.

Shot with Pets

shot with pets

You can involve your pets in your photo shoot and click lots of photos with them. You can use them in innovate ways and highlight them by using cute props.

The Cosy Shot

cosy Shot

You can click an intimate and cosy shot which depicts the romance and love that you two share and make it a photo that speaks a thousand words. You can choose great locations for this in order to capture the perfect shot.

The Proposal Shot

Propose shot

You can click a photo where the boy is proposing the girl or vice-versa. This shot can have romantic props in the background and show the love that was felt in the actual proposal moment.

The Funny Shot

Funny Shot

You should click shots where both of you are making funny faces and being silly. This will show the easy and humorous side of both of you and will be different from the other serious shots.

The Smoke Shot

Smoke Shot

You can use smoke bombs to add various coloured smoke to your photo and create magic with them. These photos look very timeless and colourful, and you can frame them for a lifetime.

The I-Said-Yes Shot


In this shot, the bride can hold a prop which has the words I-Said-Yes written on it and she can hold it while the boy is showing his happiness to the answer.


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