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Bucket List for Grooms – 6 Must Do’s Before Wedding

The fact that preparations for the wedding are generally more highlighted and emphasized keeping the bride in mind is undeniable. Dear Bridegroom, by this point, you presumably have realized that apart from simply showing up on time, innumerable responsibilities are to be fulfilled by you too. In case you are fast advancing towards your D-Day, to make certain that everything is in order, you might want to know what all can be done on your part. So, in this article, we have brought for you tips and reminders on how to make sure that you are all geared up for the Big Day.

Visit Friends and Family

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Take time off your work commitments and pay a visit to your closest buddies, family, and friends. Partaking in some form of an adventure or sharing a light moment with your near and dear ones will keep your pre-wedding jitters at bay. Not only would you be reminded of their contribution and importance in your life, but they too would have a high opinion about you.

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Disconnect from Technology

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This sub-heading may skip your heart a beat, but you ought to live by this, at least for a day or two, if you are seeking peace and solace. You might think that phone which you perpetually keep fidgeting with, is your source of relaxation. But you are wrong. It is actually isolating you from your friends, parents, and above all, yourself.

Drink Moderately

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Finally, you are getting hitched and this calls for a celebration! You would be coaxed by friends and family, whom you have not met for years, to join for a drink. Of course you must meet them, but make sure that you don’t drink to excess. Enjoy a couple of drinks and keep in mind that you must be presentable and well-rested for your D-Day.


bucket list for groom to be

It doesn’t matter if you are exhilarated or nervous, catch up on some sleep. Who likes to be yawning while taking their wedding vows?!

Prepare your Belongings

bucket list for groom to be

See to it that your wedding ensemble is ready to be put on. We guess, you would not want to get engaged in a last minute hassle such as finding your tie! Also, arrange your honeymoon luggage in case you haven’t done it already. Take stuffs as per the climatic condition of the place you are off to, but yes, don’t end up over packing. After all, you would not want your honeymoon to be a story of struggling with travel bags.

Sort Out All your Last Minute Tasks

bucket list for groom to be

Delegate tasks. Ask your wedding planner, groomsmen, or your Best Man to take care of all your unresolved tasks. Your groomsmen and Best Man are your well-wishers. Endow them with all the information they would require to manage every thing. Now, it is time for you to relax and smile. Bear in mind that at this point of time, only two things matter the most – you and the love of your life! Cheers to a great married life ahead!


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