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Bucket List for Brides – 7 Must Do’s Before Wedding

The idea of getting hitched might sound as easy as pie, but when the time to walk down the aisle comes in actuality, it can get on our nerves! Wedding planning can be exhausting, time consuming, demanding, overwhelming, and exasperating. After all, you are gearing up for the most significant day of your life gal! Hence, it’s advisable for all those ready to get hitched to take a sabbatical and indulge in some fun and enjoyment during the last days of your bachelor life. This is the perfect time to create loads of memories that can be cherished later on, especially, post your marriage. Go through the bucket list of things that you certainly should try out prior to tying the knot.

Confront your Fears

This is the time to undertake an activity that you have never attempted before. Right from sky diving and snorkeling, to bungee jumping and river rafting, experience the adrenaline rush. You simply have to confront your worst fears as life begins when you dare to move out of your comfort zone.
bucket list for bride to be

Girls Night Out

Spend quality time with your best friends, and revel in some long-awaited drinks and girly gossips. Go for a spa therapy, have a drunken night out, or be full of beans in Vegas!
bucket list for the bride to be

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Treat Yourself Well

How many times have you come across the term ‘LBD’ in news pieces or fashion blogs and had made up your mind to invest in it, but owing to different reasons, you failed to purchase it? No worries. You still have got plenty of time and that is NOW! Visit an online shopping portal or a retail store and pick a fashionably elegant little black dress for yourself. And it’s not just about LBD. It’s about treating yourself well, it’s about pampering yourself with gifts that you otherwise tend to postpone. P.S. That doesn’t mean a Lamborghini though. Lol!
bucket list for bride to be

Engagement Photoshoot

Before your D-day, this is a really fun thing to partake in. Get the photo shoot done where you got affianced or at a favorite destination of yours. Getting an engagement photo shoot will also help you in knowing your photographer better and you can be confident and at ease striking poses on your D-day.
bucket list for the bride to be

Go on a Date

Taken aback? Well, we recommend you going on a date with the love of your life, with your fiancé obviously. Relive the memories that you once created together by the beach, in the park.
bucket list for a bride to be

Take a Break

It’s extremely important to allocate some time for yourself amidst the din. For a while, keep aside the thought of wedding dress, decorations, entertainment etc. and simply relax. For a couple of days, cut yourself away from all wedding related things, and trust us, you would feel a lot better.
bucket list for a bride to be

Love Letters


With the advent of internet, love letters have become obsolete. But you can once again rekindle your love by writing a love letter (or a card) to your husband/wife-to-be. They will adore this act of yours and fall in love with you all over again.
bucket list for bride to be

Be Good and Have a Good life ahead!

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