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Foods to Keep you Cool in Hot Summer Parties

Summer season is going on and with the mercury level soaring with each passing day, life has become unbearable. The scorching heat along with excessive and persistent perspiration is leaving us completely exhausted. During such a critical condition, one ought to keep their body cool. So how can that be achieved? Well, taking showers is of course one way to keep yourselves cool and refreshed, thereby balancing the body temperature. Apart from showers, there are certain foods that can help in bringing down the temperature of our body, thereby keeping us cool. What are they? Read on and don’t forget to include some of these in your summer party menu.


The very first food that comes to our mind for this list is Cucumber. In addition to its high water content, cucumber is also known to contain loads of fibre that helps keep constipation away. Cucumber Salads and Cucumber Based Mocktails are a great hit at summer parties!
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Watermelon, which has about 92.45 percent water, aids in fulfilling the requirement of water in your body. Filled with antioxidant constituents, it provides you a terrific cooling effect. Serve Cold Watermelon Mojitos as a welcome drink to all your guests to help them feel hydrated, fresh and energized for party!
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Apart from being flavorful, curd also has a cooling effect on the body. One can consume curd in variegated ways. For eg., try making sweet lassi or seasoned buttermilk. If you are fond of raita, then you can make some and have it with your meal. Another alternate way is to have curd as a dessert – sweetened, beaten curd with some seasonal fruit pieces in it. There are more desserts that can be prepared using curd.
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Green Leafy Vegetables

Owing to the high amount of water content, having green leafy vegetables in one’s diet throughout the year offers umpteen benefits. Make sure that these vegetables are not overcooked as this can lead to their water-deprivation. Include these greens in at least one of your summer party salads. People on diet are going to gorge on them, others too. 🙂

Coconut Water

Deemed as the ideal summer drink, coconut water, that is inundated with vital vitamins and minerals, is accessible in nearly every fruit shop. It contains cooling agents that aid you withstand the hot and humid weather. As per studies, consuming coconut water on an everyday basis also shields one from cancer. Consider having coconut water as one of the drinks at your summer party.
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Lemon Water

For summers, nimbu pani i.e. lemon water is yet another refreshing drink. To increase the flavor of lemon water, you can add a pinch of cumin powder to the drink, apart from salt and sugar. Also, drinking one glass of lemon water immediately after waking up in the morning is said to cleanse your system thoroughly and increase your metabolism. You might like to consider replacing water in this drink by soda for that extra fizz. Another drink idea for kids and adults summer parties!
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You would easily find this herb at nearly every vegetable vendor. Including mint in raita, chaach, or curd can furnish you with miraculous benefits. In addition to keeping the temperature of one’s body cool, mint provides a refreshing feeling as well. A lot of families in India have mint chutney with their lunch. Yummy mint chutney also acts as a spicy, delicious dip for most of the hot starters!
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Since melons come with an excessive amount of water, consuming melons during summers is great. They aid an individual in staying hydrated throughout the day, and provide a refreshing and cooling effect. Watermelons or Melons – you choose for your party!
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Loaded with zinc, iron, calcium, sodium, phosphorus, magnesium, and potassium, celery has vital nutrients that help us bear the discomforting weather in summer. Include a dish with celery in your menu, if you like.
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Stay Healthy and Happy and Keep Celebrating Life as it Comes! Cheers!


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