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Fun Things To Do With Your Friends On A Rainy Day

The phrase ‘rainy day’ conjures up images of earphones plugged into ear and listening to some soulful and soothing music, snuggling up with your partner sharing some lovey-dovey moments, reading an edge-of-the-seat novel, or plainly sitting by the window sipping hot chocolate as you see the rain drops gliding the glass panes. However, at a certain point of time, all these can get extremely monotonous to the point of leaving you bored and frustrated! After all, who would like to get stuck at home postponing all their pre-planned engagements? Thus, to depart from the usual routine on a rainy day and have a good amount of fun and mirth, we have compiled some activities that you can partake with your friends, thus transforming the gloomy day into a fun-filled one.

Indoor Games

Fun things to do with friends on rainy day

In case you possess an aversion to the idea of getting drenched in rain with your clothes completely clinged to your body, call up your friends at home and have an exciting time. Indoor games come with several interesting options such as dumb charades, video games, monopoly, scrabble, tambola with cards, card games etc. Here are some more party games to choose from.

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Outdoor Activities

Fun things to do with friends on rainy day

One rain dance every rainy season is a must!

Regardless of the season, nothing can hold you back if you have made up your mind to go on a shopping spree. And if your bunch of friends are all girls, it would be an icing on the cake! You can watch a latest movie with your friends that you had kept postponing owing to work commitments. Bowling alley, museums, etc. are some other places that you can pay a visit to as per your preferences.


Fun things to do with friends on rainy day

This is one of the best options to enjoy with your friends on a rainy day. However, prior to calling up your friends, make certain that you have enough stocked food and drinks at home. Consider hosting a barbecue party in your balcony, enjoying smoking hot food with the view of the rain. If you and your gang love dancing, create a stage at the center of your living room, play some foot-tapping music, and dance like no one’s watching!

Organize a Play

Fun things to do with friends on rainy day

Think out-of-the-box and infuse some creativity in your merrymaking. How? By organizing a play guys! You can either come up with a new play or opt for a well-known one. Even though the selection of the play completely depends upon your choice, however, if you ask us, we would insist upon choosing a hilarious play as it would increase the fun manifold. By picking outfits from your very own wardrobe, design costumes for all the characters and perform the play in front of your families. Capture these priceless moments by recording the act on a video camera.


Fun things to do with friends on rainy day

Picnics need not only be arranged on a winter afternoon. They can be arranged on a rainy day also at home with a bunch of some crazy friends! All you need to do is bring into being the ambience of a picnic by laying out mats, cushions, and quilts on the floor of your living room. To complete and also enhance the look, keep some plants around the room. Gorge on some piping hot ‘pakoras’ along with hot tea / coffee / chocolate as you listen to the sound of raindrops splashing against your window panes.
So, from next time onwards, keep these fun-filled activities in mind and don’t let the rain dampen your spirits a bit. Keep up the fun quotient in life. Cheers!


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