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Entertainment Ideas to Make Your Kid’s Birthday Exciting

Our childhood birthday parties were way different than birthdays of today’s generation. They were plain and unpretentious events with some classic games, ice cream, and cake. However, the scenario has changed considerably. Such low-profile affairs aren’t common anymore. A lot of families choose lavish events, normally involving a costly venue such as a club car on a train, an artist’s studio, or a play gym.
In case you lack the financial resources to arrange the birthday party of your child on a grand scale, fret not as there is a fair deal of other cost-effective options accessible that can be just as worthwhile and creative. In this article, we have brought for you some such entertainment ideas that are bound to leave the children all smiles. Here you go!

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Chocolate-making Party

kids birthday party

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Kids find delight in preparing treats. One such simple and well-known treat is chocolate. Variegated chocolate flavours and playful moulds can be picked from craft stores. As a first step, use a microwave to melt the chocolate. Kids can pour this melted chocolate into the moulds, and then decorate the gooey goodness with lollipops and several other fancy accessories. Keep the moulds in the freezer and wait for them to set.

Scavenger Hunt

kids birthday party

For children of any age, one of the most exciting party games is the scavenger hunt. This is a game normally played in a large area where the players have to find and collect an assortment of objects.

Craft Party

kids birthday party

A lot of teenagers possess a fondness for fabricating things. Try to direct this inclination into a craft-themed party. Purchase some incomplete items such as bags, unpainted pottery, photo frames, widen trinket boxes, and t-shirts. See to it that these items are as unadorned as they can be so that they can be used as a beautiful blank slate. Offer the participants markers, paints, glue, fabric, sparkles, laces, beads and other available embellishing products, and let them deal with it exuberantly.

Storybook Character Party

kids birthday party

For this game, the children need to come dressed as their most preferred storybook characters. Ranging from Harry Potter, Junie B.Jones, Fancy Nancy, and Willy Wonka to Curious George, the options are diverse. After all the invitees have arrived, the kids can start playing a game of 20 questions to ascertain the literary knowledge of each ‘character’ guest.

Stuffed Animal Party

kids birthday party

Perhaps, one of the most fanciful birthday parties you can throw for your kid is a teddy bear party. Ask all the invitees to bring some sort of stuffed toy with them. Purchase some lovely costumes, put them in a basket, and let the children randomly pick up outfits from the box to dress up their respective soft toys. These fancy outfits can be bought from any local craft store. Since the theme of this party would be stuffed toys, it would be great if the cake ordered also resembles a cute teddy bear.
Choose any of the above-mentioned entertainment ideas for your little one’s birthday party and make the day a memorable one!

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  1. I found it interesting when you said that you can consider purchasing lovely costumes that the guests can use to dress up their respective soft toys. My daughter’s 7th birthday party is fast approaching, so we are looking into making some plans. Since we don’t have an area in the house where we can host the party, we are thinking of renting an indoor venue that offers catering as well. I will consider all your tips as my daughter’s love for teddy bears is undeniable.

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