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Party Games For Your Next Get-together

So you’re all ready to have a party at your home, have invited your loved ones, have got all the food ready, decked up your home, got yourself prepped and pretty, now what? How can any get-together be complete without fun games as well? Granted, some of the main elements of a successful party are the food, décor, conversation, etc., but games can be a fun ice-breaker to introduce people to each other (if you are having new people mixed in with old friends) or a great way to create fun memories with people who already know each other! Either way, you need some great games to enliven your party and make it a memorable one for everyone.

Party Games

Fun and easy ideas for get-together games

Whether your get-together is about colleagues from work, or just your neighbours, or new friends, or friends you’ve know all your life, or your own family and extended relatives, you are sure to find games that will be entertaining for everyone! Here are a few you don’t want to miss:

1. Who am I

This is a perennial favourite. The people watching the game will stick a paper with the name of a famous person (or someone known to the group) on the forehead or back of the player. The player has to guess the name on the paper by asking questions to the group that can only be answered by a yes or a no. You could add a twist to this by writing the name of the player herself/himself on the paper and watch them try to guess their own name/identity!

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who am i

2. Dumb Charades

This is another favourite, where a team has to guess the word or phrase that is acted out by their team member (who gets the word/phrase from the opposing team). This could be the name of a movie or a song or a person or an event.

dumb charades

3. Sticker Stalker

Give everyone a sheet of stickers. The objective of the game is to empty your sheet of stickers by sticking them unobtrusively on other guests, without their noticing it, so that the person who has the empty sheet at the end of the day (and hasn’t been caught!) wins. If they are caught, the other person can stick stickers on them.

sticker stalker

4. Guess the person through likes and dislikes

This is a great way to get to know everyone more in depth. Each guest makes a list of their likes and dislikes. These papers are then mixed up and read out, one at a time, with the entire group trying to guess who wrote what!

guess the person who am i

5. Best actor wins

Everyone writes out different scenarios on a piece of paper. These should be situations that have a good potential for dramatics, such as seeing a ghost, seeing your favourite celebrity, discovering a creepy crawly in your bed, etc. Put all these chits of paper into a box or hat and get each guest to take out one and act them out.
These games are sure to freshen up any get-together and bring people closer in a fun and relaxed way!

best actor wins

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