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10 DIY Hens’ Party Decorations

While planning to organize your hens’ party, you can start to feel the pinch in your pocket. You have already been saving money for a while now for your D-Day, and on top of all, you need to save some more for an awesome hens’ party. Hence, wouldn’t it be nice if we, instead of spending extravagantly for hens’ party decorations, could opt for some DIY hens’ party stuff that can be created in the comfort of our own home? Below mentioned are 10 such decorations for hens’ party.

1. Hens’ Hall of Fame

hens party decoration

You would always get hold of several awkward pictures floating around of the bride-to-be. For the hens’ party, these wistful pictures would be a great point of amusement. For the invitees to enjoy themselves, put together these images into a Hens’ Hall of Fame. It would serve as an excellent ice-breaker for people who aren’t acquainted with each other. Grab your sparkle, color card, and glue to make the photos come alive!

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2. Glitzy Bubbly

hens party decoration

This is an uncomplicated yet successful method of making your champagne or wine bottles exciting and interesting. All you have to do is grab some craft glue and glitter, and you are good to go! Stick to an appropriate color in case you are having a theme party. For Hollywood or Vintage themes, gold looks stunning. Spread glue over the entire bottle and then cover it with glitter of your choice.

3. Hens’ Hangover Bags

hens party decoration

Post the night out, the requirement of emergency stuffs is undeniable. So, how about introducing your hens’ party invitees to their hens’ hangover bag? For the hangover, stuff a paper bag with a few vital bobs and bits. We suggest you to keep paracetamol, a small chocolate bar, a can of coke, mints, and some crisps. If you wish, you can also embellish these bags. These hen hangover bags would be a huge success. You can vouch for that.

4. Prosecco / Sparkling Wine

hens party decoration

Create a Prosecco (wine) stand in one corner of the room. With bunting and chalkboard, make it vintage. Cut fruits in little pieces, attach them to cocktail sticks, add mini chocolates, jars with syrup, and stirrers. The Prosecco stand can also be personalized as per the preferences of your guests.

5. Cocktail Stirrers

hens party decoration

Making the cocktail stirrers for your hens’ party attractive and showy is super easy and yet, extremely effective and fun. Invest in some low-cost plastic stirrers from the pound store and add anything of your choice. If you own an awkward photo of the bride, have many copies of it printed, and attach it to a card. Put the stirrers in every attendee’s drink, and witness the reactions coming from them!

6. Cupcakes

hens party decoration

Bake some simple cupcakes, and furnish the guests with the option to prettify them as per their choice.

7. Wine Glasses with Goodies

hens party decoration

Stuff the wine glasses with colorful goodies and decorate your party table!

8. Balloons

hens party decoration

Write catchy and funny phrases on balloons with felt-tip. For additional sparkle, you can also dust them with glitter.

9. Collages

hens party decoration

Ransack Facebook account of the bride-to-be and set a mood of nostalgia by creating a photo collage from them.

10. Eye-catching Backdrops

hens party decoration

Creating fascinating backgrounds can also serve as a wonderful means for clicking pictures.


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