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Silly Mistakes to Avoid While Planning Your Honeymoon

Once the Wedding celebration is over, the next most exciting thing that comes round the corner is the Honeymoon. It’s a good way to wipe out all the stress from endless back to back rituals, non-stop dancing and sleepless nights. With honeymoon, comes a great opportunity to spend quality time with your better half and get to know each other in a better way.

However, amidst all the other preparations and chores going on for the big day people often miss out planning their honeymoon well in advance.

And it’s only once they’re done and dusted that they realize they could’ve planned it better.

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Which is why it’s imperative to take your honeymoon planning seriously well in advance to make sure that you two have a vacation of your lifetime.

We’ve listed some silly mistakes that one needs to avoid while planning their honeymoon here. Read them carefully and know what not to do!

Last Minute Packing

Silly Mistakes to Avoid While Planning Your Honeymoon
Making a checklist of all the honeymoon essentials, from anything to everything you might need and then pack ’em up in your suitcase much in advance. This way you’ll have one less thing to worry about as you embark on a new and exciting journey.

Planning Your Honeymoon Right After the Marriage is a Big Mistake

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To ensure a good honeymoon vacation, never plan it right after the wedding day. Endless days of countless rituals, back to back dancing and then planning your honeymoon straightaway after the wedding day may spoil your honeymoon.

So if you do not wish to spend your vacation sleeping all day all night long, never ever plan your honeymoon right after the marriage rather opt to take rest for a week or two, be fully refreshed and then head on to your honeymoon to have a wonderful time together.

Not Doing your Homework Right

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Ofcourse no one would like their honeymoon to turn into a complete nightmare. Other people’s advice is good to listen to but trust only your own instincts ‘coz everyone has different likes and dislikes. Plan a budget and research around travel websites for best deals as per your taste and avoid missing out on the little things. Everything is in the details! Plan your honeymoon to be a vacation that you and your soulmate cherish all your life.

Not Planning a Separate & Defined Budget for Honeymoon & Travel

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One of the most common mistakes couples make while planning their honeymoon is not having a separate & defined budget. This further leads them going overboard with their expenses & falling prey to debts. Hence, it is always advisable to set your expense limits straight and decide on a budget early on. Know how much needs to be spent on stay, travel, adventure activities, shopping, and other unavoidable things and then plan a full-fledged budget.

Over Packing

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Another very common mistake to avoid while planning your honeymoon is over packing. Girls will always be girls and go on stuffing their bags with more and more clothes, makeup, toiletries and what not! But that doesn’t really help because every airline has its own baggage limit. Which means over packing will only lead you to adverse situations. So, plan and pack wisely!

Having Too Many Activities Planned in Your Itinerary

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It’s quite natural that you are all the way excited for your official vacation as a newly married couple and wish to make the most out of it. Do remember honeymoon is not just to explore places but is meant to spend quality time together, to loosen up a bit after the hectic schedule, endless wedding rituals etc. It is important to keep keep in check the activities you wish to cover. Also don’t miss out on this opportunity to know your partner.

Forget to Account for the Extra Expenses

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Things don’t always work out as per the plan or the curated budget especially when you are going out for a honeymoon. Do keep into consideration the extra expenses that might occur. And if not the extra expenses, it is advised to keep some amount readily available in case of any unforeseen expenses or emergency situation that might occur during your vacation.

Not Booking Beforehand!

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Why book for your flight tickets & stay at the last minute when you can do that beforehand? Opt for Pre-booking not only to save a lot of money but also to prevent you from any sort of last-minute panic situation.

Not Taking Weather into Consideration

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Imagine what would the situation be like if you pack all your short dresses, bikinis and rompers for your honeymoon and end up to the destination all cold and chilly. This would spoil the entire vacay. So it’s better to keep a check on the weather condition of the country or the place you plan to travel to.

Plan it all by yourself

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Since Honeymoon is not just a normal vacation or your getaway from life. Its meant for the two of you to share quality time so its important that both of you plan it together as a team. Little things like what activities or what places you two mutually agree to explore together would be good to go!

Hope this was helpful. Happy Honeymooning!

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