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Wedding Bands/Rings: The Ultimate Handbook!!

Hello, love birds!

Now, we know that engagement rings get, well, almost all of the attention. That is, if you don’t go for wedding bands. Both engagement rings and wedding bands have their own place in a wedding.

Wedding bands can be an integral element to your ring aesthetic! Adding to that, they are a faithful emblem professing your love to each other.

Planning an Event?

Purchasing the right wedding bands before the “Big Day” can be a task, so here is the complete guide to choosing the right wedding bands! From picking the right metal to selecting etching and emblazoning, here is everything you need to know.

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All set to go shop for your wedding bands?!

Wedding Ring – Shopping Tips 

 Your starting point and one of the simplest ways to start your search can be your engagement ring, use that as a guide. There will be times you’ll be able to “swing your wedding bands independently”, you still have to make sure they enhance the look of your engagement ring on the occasions they are worn together (which is almost all the time). If the COVID situation permits you to safely go to local jewellery stores, it’s time for you to glam-up! Try everything on! Or have a virtual shopping experience that a lot of jewellery brands are providing these days. And consider trying even those style options you thought you don’t like (it could surprise you :3).

Decision making is often a struggle for some of us, especially given the wide range of options. So, just remember to select a wedding band you absolutely love and you’d wear for a lifetime. Make sure that it is super comfy, matches your lifestyle, and looks stunning by itself as well as with your engagement ring. And lastly, make sure the jeweller you are purchasing from has a great warranty package that will take care of your jewellery when required. After-all they’re going to be your go-to for everything- cleaning, re-sizing, even the repairs as long as that’s the ring you plan to keep.

Important: Before purchasing the ring, make sure to ask about making charges, costs for adjustments, replacements, and insurances.

Let’s Move to Our Wedding Band Options now.

1. Wedding Band Metals 

Gold, platinum, white gold, rose gold and palladium are some of the most preferred choices for wedding bands, and then there are other alternatives such as tungsten which can also be used. People tend to choose and select the very same metal which was used for their engagements rings, for their wedding bands too, to make life simpler, however, this is up to each individual and what they like, so it isn’t a hard and fast rule. If you enjoy the look of mixed metals, go ahead use different types of metals for your wedding band and engagement ring. You could even consider a braided band that integrates multiple colours in a single ring. Remember your metal is going to last a lifetime and perhaps be passed down generations too.

Now, if the kind of lifestyle you live involves a whole lot of rough work with your hands, it may be a better option to take stronger metal such as tungsten or platinum since they are both harder than classic gold and white gold.

2. Jewels on Wedding Bands 

So many couples take advantage of being able to add jewels, stones and gems to their unique wedding bands. Pavé style – in which small diamonds line across the band, can add a lot of sparkle and flair to the wedding band, however, as time passes by, the gems tend to become loose and fall off, especially if you are the kind who lives an active lifestyle. An alternative to getting a similar glam look is channel setting– this involves cutting a small channel into the ring with stones set in a row inside the channel, making the gems more secure, in case you want the glam look and don’t want to take the risk of missing stones or the snags that come with pavé.

It’s usually a good idea to stick to substantial rocks such as diamonds, sapphires, or rubies while picking stones.

3. Etchings and Engravings on Wedding Bands 

There are a zillion ways to make your wedding band a work of art, from symbols to vintage art designs to stars and florals, to absolutely anything and everything of your choice. Of course these come with an addition to the final price, and you’ll have to do market research to get an idea of the prices since they are ever-changing. Side note, keep in mind that intricate etchings are more likely to keep dirt trapped in and are also harder to clean.

4. Width of Wedding Bands 

The width of your wedding band is one of the most concerning choices you’ll have to make. It could range from 1 mm to 8+ mm. Most brides like to match the width of their wedding band to that of their engagement ring. The most common sizes are between 2 and 4 mm. That said, you could have different sizes too, mixing widths can create a unique look, so be creative and shop for different sizes, if you like, because it truly depends on the overall vibe “you”  desire and wants to attain.

5. The Finish on Wedding Bands 

Men’s rings are the kind which usually have finished surfaces (some women like this look too!). Anyway, finishes on men’s rings are pretty popular and it’s not always just the high traditional polished look. When we talk about the final details of the wedding band, a finish can easily set the accessory apart from the others and help your wedding band stand out.

It could be as simple as a textured look found in stone, brush, matte, hammered, sandblasted or even if you prefer a satin or high polish, a finish does the job of the final touch and gives it that unique look which will make your wedding band truly and uniquely your own.

Hope these tips come handy while you pick/design and choose your wedding band!

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