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5+ Chhota Bheem Theme Birthday Party Supplies

Chhota Bheem is a beloved cartoon of all young Indian kids. This young, adventurous and brave little guy is an inspiration for kids all over the nation. No wonder he makes for a wonderful birthday theme too.

Use Chota bheem cutouts, dress up as Chota bheem and friends, or get some Chhota Bheem party supplies and set up adventure games at the venue. Your kid’s going to love this theme!

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1. Chhota Bheem Foil Balloons

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Best Quality balloons will brighten up your event space. These balloons use microseal technology for strong and longer-lasting seal with a seamless appearance. These balloons are a perfect addition to Chhota Bheem Theme Party Decor for Birthdays, Events and Gatherings.

2. Chhota Bheem Dangling Swirls

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These multi-colour swirls are a work of art as the characters look just like they do in the original. If you want the party to be done up in green, blue, purple and red swirls, get this trusted party accessory to do it up for you. You can count these decorative swirls to make any occasion more special. These swirls add a fun element to the party decor. With this accessory, you can be sure to win your kid’s heart as Chhota Bheem and friends are good, fun companions to hang out with. So get these swirls and enjoy your party to the fullest.

3. Chhota Bheem Plastic Pencil Pouch For Birthday Return Gifts

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This is a pack of 24 of Kids Favourite Characters Plastic Pouch. Best for Birthday Return Gifts. Size 19 x 10 cm.

4. Chhota Bheem Theme Cap For Birthday Party

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Party hats/ cone caps have an elastic string to keep the hat in place. Perfect party stuff to help guests celebrate the party. It can bring fun to your party. This pack include 15 caps. The size of each cap is 13 cm * 15 cm.

5. Chhota Bheem Eye Masks

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Chhota Bheem eye mask is a must-have prop for your child’s birthday party. This Chhota Bheem paper eye mask will bring a huge smile to each child’s face. Distribute these masks to each child and watch their cute faces brighten up with joy. The elastic band on this mask stretches to provide a perfect fit over the face while the mask adequately covers half the face.

6. Chhota Bheem Dori Bag For Return Gifts

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When planning a theme birthday party, we generally prefer theme return gifts, which not only bring joy to kids but also makes them happy that they are able to feel the products of their favourite cartoon character. Keeping this in mind there are Dori bags of your Kids Favourite Cartoon Characters. These bags are ideal to give Birthday Return Gifts. Can also be used as Goodie Bags.

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