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10 Best Doraemon Theme Party Supplies for House Birthday Parties

Would there be any parent who hasn’t heard of Doraemon yet?! Naah… we don’t think anybody who has kids in the age group of 4-10 years would have missed hearing of Doraemon or watching the cartoon series. Japanese robot cat Doraemon is from future and has amazing gadgets to make things easier for his best friend – a school going kid called Nobita. At different times in life, don’t we all wish for a Doraemon, who could make our problems disappear magically? It’s the same what our kids wish for too.

If you are reading this article and don’t know much about the cartoon, here’s a quick introduction to the main kid characters of Doraemon –

Character Name Image

Here are some Doraemon Party theme decoration items we have collated to make it easy for you to shop for 1 or more decorations for your kid’s Doraemon themed party. Go ahead, take a look and if you need more help we are here to take care of A-Z of Birthday and Event Planning for you at birthdays.venuelook.com and events.venuelook.com.

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1. Doraemon Cartoon Foil Balloons

To Buy Click Here

Shining and beautiful Doraemon Super Shape theme balloon for birthday decoration. Non-inflated balloon can be inflated with a normal balloon pump.

2. Doraemon Gift Wrapping Paper

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Doraemon themed Gift Wrapping Sheets – A packet of 10 sheets.

3. Doraemon Theme Caps

To Buy Click Here

Party hats/ Cone caps have an elastic string to keep these hats in place. Perfect party stuff to help guests celebrate the party theme. It can bring fun to your party. The size of the cap is 13 cm * 15 cm.

4. Doraemon Paper Plates

To Buy Click Here

Doraemon 20 Pcs Printed Party Plates. These cute paper plates will be liked by all your little guests. These are imprinted with Doraemon Theme, made of fine quality. 1 Pack includes 20 paper plates.

5. Doraemon Blow Outs

To Buy Click Here

Buy this pack of Colorful Doraemon Hooters. Kids will love to have one of these hooters. These will make your party fun and happening. Kids love to blow horn in parties and so it is a must-have party item.

6. Doraemon Balloons

To Buy Click Here

This pack has 50 Doraemon Balloons for you. Easy pick, right?!

7. Doraemon Face Masks

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Doraemon 20 Pcs Party Face Masks for all kids to put on for 1 fun pic and carry home later too!

8. Doraemon Theme Birthday Banner

To Buy Click Here

The banner can be placed behind the cake table or at the place designated for photo clicks. This product is made up of cardboard and is blue in colour. Product Dimensions (L x B x H): 10 cm x 5 cm x 2 cm.

9. Doraemon Eye Masks

To Buy Click Here

More Doraemon Face Masks – 20 Pcs packet. See which ones you like better and mix and match.

10. Doraemon Hanging Swirls

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This one is a 6-piece swirl decorating value pack and is a perfect party decor for kids birthday parties, especially, a Doraemon theme party.

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