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Classy, Naughty Games for Bachelor’s Party

Every groom’s last night out as a single guy should be a memorable one! Friends play a vital role in making the would-be groom’s stag night one of the best ones of his life. This article is for all those good friends out there who wish to plan a great bachelor’s night out for their buddy.

Consider dressing up the stag and the party differently to add to the planned fun. Let your creative ideas unfold!  You can start with specially designed T-shirts with some punch line Or ask the groom-to-be to put on a hat and some more props during the party. Choose the fun activities for the stag night as per your friend’s interest.

If you are looking for kick ass game ideas, then take a look at some of the ideas listed below.

Planning an Event?

Before we start, consider the venue where bachelor’s party is planned. If it is out in public at a bar, nightclub, then plan your activities considering the party location. You don’t want it to be just another evening at a bar/club with friends – it’s his bachelor’s party, so make it S.P.E.C.I.A.L!

Road trip

Road trip/ long drive to a destination is ideal to re-live the good old days. Light up a bonfire, grill delectable steaks on it and play your favorite songs. Try and choose a scenic route. Rent a special car for the trip, if you feel like.


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These are perhaps the most adventurous activities you could consider for a bachelor’s party. These are unique, unforgettable experiences to enjoy and cherish.

Smell and Taste Game

Get about 20 shot glasses and fill them with different liquors. Everyone has to smell and guess the alcohol in the first round.  If they are unable to guess it right, then they have to pay penalty by doing the chores assigned by the groom-to-be. Chores could be drinking related. Next round could be “taste and guess”. And so on.

Memorable Kiss

Have the groom find a girl with really bright lip colour to kiss his cheek/shirt (wink wink). Don’t let him wash it till the party ends.

[Remember that these games are for fun. If you see your friend about to do something stupid, then step in and make sure he doesn’t cause the wedding to get cancelled] tumblr_olbg6hHNE11v8hcteo1_500

Scavenger Hunt Game

If you are in a crowded place such as a bar/ club, then give your guests a hunt list that forces them to talk to other people inside the bar/club. List can include – hunt for chap stick, tissue with lip colour mark…. (You can add some naughty ideas too, ;))
hunt game

Two Truths and A Lie

Have each guest list out one lie and two truths about himself. The person to his left must guess the lie. If they guess it correctly, they get the point. The person with most points wins!
truth and lie

Never Have I Ever

Any group member can say something that they haven’t ever done. Take a sip of your drink, if you have done what they say. The person who hasn’t done it is out of the game and should finish his drink before he steps out of the game.

Banned Words

A few choice words are off limits for the night, such as “wedding”, “beer” and the “bride’s name”. Anyone caught using the words which are banned has to have a drink or perform a dare.
banned words game

Party hard, live life to the fullest, laugh endlessly and stay happy!


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