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Farewell Party – Dos and Donts

The era of Vikings, Emperors, Warlords, British mercenaries and the Modern age, all have one thing in common, a ‘grand goodbye’ in the form of wishes on parting ways. The ones going away are blessed and given gifts upon departure, and this celebration is better known as a farewell. Military personnel and staff are known to celebrate this occasion in a very formal manner and call it ‘Hail and Farewell’. For them, it is a time to honour those who are departing the unit and thank them for their service and welcome the ones who have joined, introducing them to the special history and background of the organisation.

farewell party

Farewell parties are held in many different ways. A great way to send off a friend, co-worker and the loved one with great memories is by throwing them a farewell party. It can be thrown when someone leaves work, the country or is opening a new chapter in life. It might be a bit of a hassle to organise a farewell party as it requires planning, inviting, and setting up the venue, catering, decorations and honouring the guests. Take help of your friends and co-workers in this regard. A bit of planning and teamwork can provide you the opportunity to throw an unforgettable farewell party for your guest of honour.

Planning an Event?

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Every farewell party has some do’s and don’ts which are required to be kept in mind –


1. RSVP: The number one complaint heard from hosts is that people don’t RSVP, or they do but are nowhere to be seen, so it’s a hassle to tell who is coming to the party and how much food would be needed. It is suggested to respond to such invitations to inform the host about your plans on attending or missing the event.

party rsvp

2. Offer to bring something: Offering is a standard party politeness. It’s also a way to help your hostess meet the cost of the party, which is sometimes pretty high.

offer to bring something

3. Say thanks: It is fun to throw parties, but no one can deny that it is a hard job and it’s pleasant to hear words of appreciation from your guests when you’ve worked hard at organizing a fun time for them.

thank you


1. Spoil the decorum of the party: Getting wasted and ruining the ambiance of the party is an act of disrespect to others and portrays negativity in your personality.

spoil the decorum of the party

2. Leaving without saying goodbye to your host: Announcing your exit to each and every attendant is not easy but it should be done at least with the host to let them know the amazing time you had at the party organised by them.

A ghost without saying goodbye to your host

It is an ache to bid farewell to a loved one. Many of us have had our farewells while graduating from high school and college. It is definitely a terrible feeling as you know for a fact that the fun you had back then will be coming to an end now but it supports the feeling of a sense of steadiness through change – a new start!


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Here are some farewell gift ideas for colleagues.

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