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Tips for choosing right venue for your corporate events

Tips on choosing the right venue for Corporate Events

In order to ensure presence in the minds of potential customers and to garner attention, companies have to organize corporate events once in a while. If such a party is being planned, the first thing that needs to be decided before losing any time is a suitable venue. It is important to understand that not all venues will be suitable for a corporate event. For such an event, it is imperative that a venue must suit corporate event in terms of size, location, professionalism, menu affordability, facilities and amenities available.

Here are some tips that will help in choosing a perfect corporate event venue-

Look for something new and unique

Since more and more companies are organizing corporate events these days, most of the venues are adapting to the needs of corporate events. New is always attractive and it is best to move towards something new. There may be restaurants, bars or event venues that have opened recently. See if you find any of these places perfect for your event. Also find out if any event venue is undergoing renovations so that as soon as it is ready, you can plan a corporate event. If you have business associates or friends, you can share their office space or conference rooms for holding such an event. You need to open up your horizon when looking for a unique space.

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Pay attention on location

It is very important to look for a centrally located venue for holding an event of importance. Since guests come from different places in the city, it is necessary that the venue is easily accessible for them. Pay attention to your demographics and see if the place is convenient for majority of invitees.


When looking for a perfect corporate event location, attention must also be paid on logistics. Check out if the venue is offering linens, chairs, china, tables, cutlery, crockery and sound system along with the venue or if a rental fee needs to be paid. Many a times, venue rentals are exclusive of these items and in such cases, cost of organizing an event increases exponentially.

Size of the venue

When finalizing a corporate event venue, size of the space must also be considered. If 500 people are expected to attend the event but the capacity of the venue is to hold only 300 people, it will result in a lot of chaos. Similarly, if only 100 guests have been invited and the place can hold 500 people, the venue will look all vacant. Thus strike a balance between number of guests invited and size of the venue being selected for the event.

Be aware of the limits mentioned in the package you select

Most of the venues have limits like serving time, closing time, bar closing, use of music system, hard stops and design limitations. Knowing about them will help to avoid embarrassing situation when officials try to disrupt party due to these limitations.

Take help of professionals when looking for a perfect venue if you are unsure about making a decision yourself.

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