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Surprise Party ideas

Tips for throwing a surprise party

Parties are all the more fun when you least expected one. Throwing a surprise party is a fun experience for the host and the guests. However the only challenge is that it takes a lot of planning to organize one. The key to throwing making the party a great event is to keep the whole event as a surprise. Here are some tips that can give you some wicked ideas.

  • Be tight lipped

The success of your party depends on how secretive you are. Never talk about your party or give hints that you are planning something. You should never let your guests know of your intentions until the last moment. So zip it up.

  • Rope someone in

Planning a surprise party all alone is not easy. Rope a good friend of yours to help you out in working out the details. You also need to play some mind games with your guests so that you can have them confused. This can be done when two people are hand in hand.

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  • Skip the RSVP

RSVP is the worst give away for a surprise party. Even if you innocently ask your guests if they are dropping in on a Saturday night it could be a dead giveaway. Skip the RSVP and instead send out generic text messages to your guests. If possible send out different messages to your guests. It could be waiting for you or expecting you for example.

  • Skip theme parties

When you ask your guests to dress based on a theme then they clearly know what’s coming next. The party will not be a surprise anymore. Tell them that it is a casual meeting. Even if they turn up in their pajamas there shouldn’t be a problem because the main idea was to have fun.

  • Organize the party in a different spot

Have a party in the backyard of the house or the rooftop. When you have it in your main living room, the guests will come to know as soon as they enter. Better yet if you can have some guests speak to your neighbors until everyone arrives.

  • Start faking

Confuse your guests by talking about different plans on your weekend. Do not give them an impression that you are excited about the whole thing. Keep a straight face and make it seem like you are not doing much.

  • Get adventurous

Do the kidnapping trick to get more adventurous. For this you may need to rope in some people who can keep a secret. You need a good plan to have your guests assemble in a place and a big enough cars to have them kidnapped.

  • Plan it in advance

Even though you are throwing a surprise party you should have a good plan in place. Without planning everything can go kaput. Discuss your plan with your accomplice and see that you are going according to it.

There are plenty of things you can do to throw a surprise party. The theme can be revealed much later to the guests. A great party is one that continues to surprise guests even after they arrive.

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