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Party ideas that can rock your 18th Birthday!

18th birthday is special for every guy and girl. This is an age where you grow out of those typical birthday parties with goodie bags and frosted cakes. An 18th birthday party heralds the migration from being an adolescent into an adult. This birthday party should be special and the one that you will remember for a lifetime. What kind of party would be suitable?  Here are some amazing ideas for making your 18th birthday special.

The Ultimate Surprise Party

Throwing a party to surprise your friends is always fun. It is also fairly easy to make all arrangements in a clandestine manner. The key is to keep it a surprise. If you are planning a surprise party then choose an ideal location for it. It could be a sushi bar, a bowling area or a fun restaurant. You can also do it at home – as a barbecue party or a sleepover.

Movie Theme Parties

You can incorporate ideas from movies like Harry Potter and Hunger Games to throw a party. This will be an outdoor party where the guests turn up dressed as movie characters. However you will have to be pre-organized by designating the characters and getting the script in place.

Planning an Event?

Pool Party

Pool parties can be great fun if the weather is right. Everyone loves a pool party because it is casual and fun in nature and hence, ultimate fun. Get all the props in place before you throw the party. You will need floating beds, tubes and balls so that the guests can have fun. Top it up with DJ music, mocktails/cocktails and snacks like dim sums, pizzas, nachos and more such finger foods for non-stop fun.

Camping Party

A camping party in the night is a great way to kick start the birthday celebrations. Choose a beautiful park to camp and get the barbecue pit organized. Camping can be great fun if all the guests are involved in it. Right from the start to the end it can turn out into a fun event with cake cutting at midnight amidst candle lights and torches.

Hire a Limousine

Every adolescent who is going on 18, dreams of having fun with friends in a limousine. Be it guys or girls, they’d love touring the city in a huge car which is chauffeur driven. If you feel like splurging a bit on a birthday party, this may be a very unique experience for you and your friends.

Las Vegas Birthday

If you have a huge budget then Las Vegas is the right place to be at for such a birthday. Casinos are open throughout the night and you are at the right legal age to start your adventure. It can be great fun traveling with friends to a city that never sleeps.

The best part about an 18th birthday is that you no longer have to handover goody bags to your friends or play treasure hunt. You are at the beginning of an age where you can start having plenty of fun. Most kids of this age do not need adult supervision. That is why an 18th birthday is considered as one of the most special occasions of one’s life.
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