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How to Plan a Perfect Farewell Party!!

Want to throw a leaving party that’s truly memorable? Whether you’re saying bon voyage, good luck or goodbye, hosting a special send-off to show someone just how much they’ll be missed is a touching gesture they’ll appreciate. Organizing a farewell party isn’t that different from organizing other types of parties, except that you need to consider how to honour the person leaving.

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Select a Perfect Venue for Farewell Party

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Firstly we should choose where to hold the party. It could be at an office, at a venue such as a restaurant, or even at your own home, depending on who is being farewell-ed. For a family member going overseas for a while, home is a good choice, while for a worker who is retiring or changing jobs, the office is suitable, or a local restaurant. Send out invitations well in advance so that most people will be free to attend.

Select a Perfect Theme Decoration for Farewell Party

One important aspect you might like to consider is the perfect decoration for the farewell party. You could also theme the decorations depending on the reason for the farewell. Have little ships or planes for someone travelling overseas. Have little clocks, time-sheets, or similar work items for someone retiring. Have decorations representing a new country or culture for someone moving to a new country.

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Send Out Farewell Party e-Invitations

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Remember to invite people well in advance so most of them will be free till then to attend. First, invite the family members and close friends. Keep in mind the budget and make the guest list shorter by keeping the party intimate or smaller. Unless it’s a surprise party, don’t forget to invite your guest of honour. You could even send a personalized special e-invitation. Send out online invitations to invite other colleagues to attend the farewell party. Select the invitations in a way so that these are part of the theme.

Arrange Food and drinks for the Farewell Party

Unless you’re planning a sit-down meal, finger foods are just fine. The only different food you might consider having is food from another country if the person is moving overseas. Try to choose food that you know the person being farewell-ed likes a lot. You can even hire a caterer for a hi-tea, dinner or lunch with your near and dear ones as you can have enough time with the person.

Wish your Colleague Good Luck for Future in Your Speeches

They could be speeches that talk about how great the person leaving is, how they have enjoyed working or spending time with them, etc. Ask those talking to keep it brief, to avoid dragging things out. Ensure that there is an opportunity for the person being farewell-ed to respond if they wish but don’t oblige them.

All Kinds of Farewell Invitation Quotes – Funny, Loving, Generic and more

Farewell Gift Ideas

It is usual at farewell parties to present a gift or more to the person leaving. For a retiring colleague’s farewell, there are traditional gifts from a company but individuals should give things they know the person will like. For someone travelling, find things that help a person travel. Remember and do not forget about it as you can make them keep a remembrance of yourself with them for you. 

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Here are some farewell gift ideas for colleagues.

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