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11 Types Of Bars – Nightclubs, Pubs and Lounges

The Greeks and Romans from yesteryear frequented taverns to get their hands on a glass full of alcohol, food, games and entertainment galore. This goes to show ‘bars’ aren’t a concept that emerged recently. It’s a local hangout, a public house for business meets or a glitzy nightclub — each bar has its own story to tell, shaped by the level of clientele it attracts, the facilities it offers and its location. The bar could have a central theme or none at all; its signature cocktail recipes could be out of this world or it could be the host to an uncomplicated population with a straightforward demand for simple beer and wine.

Just like people, bars seem to have their own personalities as well. In the end, what you like best depends on what bar personality matches your own vibe. There are a ton of options when it comes to bars. From single-themed to mixed theme bars, there’s one to fulfill each kind of mood. Even though the responsible decision would be to visit a bar only once we are out of this global pandemic until then you can shortlist the bar you’d like to hit up right away from the list below and let us know in the comments! 

Take a look at the top 11 kinds of bars in and around the country and choose the one that matches your personality and needs to bust your weekly stress, while making sure to mix ’em up once in a while. 

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1. The Glitzy Nightclub 

The Glitzy Nightclub 

Nightclubs are perfect for the night owls out there. There’s tons of dancing, loud music, a possible DJ light show and of course – liquor. The only low point for someone looking to have a good time is the lack of an atmosphere to have a conversation with the company you bring — It’s as loud and dark as it can get. But then, if you’re headed to a nightclub, talking isn’t your goal there! Make sure to be stacked up with cash before you head out to a nightclub as it can cost you a good amount.

Moreover, be sure to dress up in formals to fit in with the crowd. It’s a great place to meet new people and have a good time after a stressful day at work. It also mostly sees a younger crowd as the loud DJ music and flickering light shows seem to attract them the most. Nightclubs may or may not have food menus to offer but a good time with amigos is a definite yes! 

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2. Ending the Day at a Pub


Short for “public house”, pubs were generally visited by the working classes for their meet and greets and to bust daily stresses. In the middle ages, people would sit around at pubs complaining and discussing their day to day grinds, drinking beer and narrating stories. This tradition has pretty much passed on and pubs to date see crowds from all walks of life complaining or laughing over a big mug of beer and cigars. The vibe at a pub is as laid back as it gets.

Whether you are deciding to hit the pub with colleagues after a long, tiring day at work or you are meeting up with old friends from school — it’s the right place for you. Now with a fully stacked menu of drinks and food equally, pubs are a favourite hangout spot among many. The music isn’t obnoxious and the lighting is decent for you to have a relaxed atmosphere to chill and hang out with good company. 

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3. The Relaxing Lounges

Relaxing Lounges

A lounge offers the perfect setting for a cozy date because the lighting is dim and romantic, the music is soft and up to date. The atmosphere is perfect for real heart-to-heart interactions and conversations — no more shouting to get heard anymore! The dress code for a lounge is your comfortable best. If you’re on a date, you’d anyway probably dress to impress, putting up your best foot forward there. With a  plethora of options on the food and drinks menu, the night is yours – make the most of it. You’ll find your mixologists, signature drinks and fancy drinks.

Do come prepared to spend a fortune at a lounge as the luxury it offers certainly comes with a hefty price. They are associated with a certain upscale class, so even a drunk-you needs to be at their best behaviour to fully blend in with the spirit of a good, relaxing lounge. 

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4. Back to Basics – Hotel Bars

Hotel Bars

This one’s pretty basic and self-explanatory. From majorly serving tourists and visitors from all across the globe, these bars rarely come with a central theme like the others. They are your basic yet super fancy, upscale bars at 5-star hotels. They might offer some side snacks but do not expect complete appetizer-to-dinner food menus here because that’s where the hotel’s restaurant comes in ( duh ).

With a very foreign crowd to please, you can find a large inventory of all kinds of liquor under their roof. The design of a hotel bar is typical and in lieu of the grand design of the hotel. Since you’ll find a fully stacked bar at most acclaimed hotel chains, it goes without saying then — if your room costs a fortune, the liquor would too. The crowd here would generally be friendly and you’ll get to probably meet people from all around the world and from different walks of life – making it a wonderful experience overall. 

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5. Find the Singer in You at Karaoke Bars 

Karaoke Bars 

As if Liquor and good food weren’t enough- say hello to Karaoke bars where you can sing your heart out too! A great selection of cuisines is a must along with a phenomenal set of sound equipment to set up the mood at a karaoke bar. Once that’s determined, it’s a wonderful place to socialise with like minds or just to let your hair down after a stressful day at work. Head to your nearest karaoke bar with your closest buddies and celebrate a no-occasion. It’s a great way to see the craziest side of your friends and family – the one you’ve probably never seen before!

Dress up in your comfortable best and relish the good melodies, good food and good alcohol. If you are planning to visit a live music joint on a weekend, be prepared to expect a huge crowd and be prepared to have a drink or two spills on you while you manoeuvre your way through the bar. Karaoke bars are a favourite among many as they see crowds from all walks of life — from youngsters to the older generations.  A good Karaoke bar will have all your favourite tunes already set up on their equipment to make your time there worth every penny! 

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6. Specialty Bars – a Theme is All We Need

Specialty Bar

These bars are named so because they revolve around one theme- usually, a certain signature drink or cigar bars where you can be yourself, gulp down their specially curated drinks or enjoy a cigar with your buddy. With only a few places around the country that allow smoking on the premises, lighting up a cigar or two is a sure shot way to mingle with your current company or to socialise and make new acquaintances.

Here, you might not find a full food menu but side snacks to accompany the great booze. The music in these bars isn’t usually obnoxious either. If specialities are your thing, go to this bar to get a unique experience. Speciality bars are a great idea when you are in the mood to mix it up and not hit your daily hub for a change. 

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7. Sports Bars for When the Match is On

Sports Bar

Sports bars should be your go-to destination when you’re in the mood to chill with your friends while a crucial match is on. Sports bars are expected to receive huge crowds, especially during playoffs. They are fully equipped with a large screen to telecast the match and have tons of storage for liquor to meet the demands and needs of the crowd. You could head over to a sports bar to watch a good game of football or cricket. On days of crucial matches, these bars are extra crowded with extreme sports enthusiasts and non-sport enthusiasts alike — the atmosphere is just so inviting. Some bars have full food menus too so you can have an immersive experience alongside some amazing company.

Gone are the days when sports bars were laden with sleazy drunk men getting into fights. They are much cleaner and sophisticated now and mostly see crowds that come there to enjoy a good game, food and liquor. With the large selection of drinks starting from beer to cocktails, and a stacked up food menu with everything from snacks to regular meals, your experience at a sports bar is going to be nothing short of absolute joy. When no live games are on, you can also try your hand at games of skill like foosball, darts, billiards to have a fun-filled night. 

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8. The Hoity-toity Bars to Fulfill the Lavish Lifestyle

Hoity-toity Bar

If you’re one with a high-end lifestyle — the hoity-toity bars are for you. They are overpriced with a highly-trained staff. They can be wonderful places to sit and relax and enjoy an upscale experience if you can afford it, of course. The bartenders here usually can cook up any kind of drink that you desire — given their tons of training and experience of catering to a unique crowd.

They will usually only have live entertainment options which are indubitably a class-apart in themselves. If you’d rather drink alone or in the presence of high corporate individuals — this is the place to be. From the ambience to the seating to the decor this place is going to give you an experience worth sharing.

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9. Misc. Bars or the Ones Without a Theme

Misc. Bar

We call them the miscellaneous bars because they run without a theme and can be found inside larger restaurants or stand on their own in an ordinary but crowded neighbourhood. The word misc. here only refers to the lack of labelling them under a certain theme. Miscellaneous bars can offer anything ranging from live entertainment to complete appetizers-to-dinner menus, a wide range of cocktails, signature drinks and whatnots. You’ll likely mostly find misc. bars in and around your neighbourhood. These are frequented by people from all walks of life.

They can be the host to anything ranging from a birthday party to a corporate party. The dress code in these places is usually formals since most of them are parts of exclusive restaurants. They are family-friendly too — in case you got a crazy fun side of the family that likes to drink together.

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10. Wine Bars

Wine Bar

Not to be mistaken with a winery, wine bars are bars that serve most kinds of wines — ranging from the average-priced ones to the expensive bottles. They come with a well-trained expert staff that knows their wine and the right way to serve them too. A wine bar is a great place to have a sophisticated party — corporate or birthday. They have tons of storage for wine bottles and an elaborate wine dispensing system that keeps the wine fresh and intact once opened.  A wine bar is a premium experience on its own. 

In conclusion, there are a plethora of options when it comes to choosing a bar. You just need to frequent the one whose atmosphere speaks to you on an inner level. The kind of crowd that frequents the bars make an impactful difference too, sometimes being a bigger deciding factor than the options of alcohol and food itself. Not to mention, there may be some bars that you know of that haven’t been mentioned here, let us know in the comments if we’ve left out any kind and what your favourites are! Also, while we wait for the real experience — let’s take this opportunity to rewind and relive the last time you had crazy fun at a bar.  

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