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10 Bridal Shower Games Your Guests Will Genuinely Enjoy

A bridal shower is one of those magical moments ahead of the big day that celebrate the guest of honor and her happiness.

One of the most challenging aspects of hosting a bridal shower is getting the guests to interact with each other. The guest list usually comprises of people who haven’t meet each other or are just acquaintances. That’s why bridal shower games are such an important part of the event, they’re the perfect icebreaker and add some fun to the party. But the games can either make the party a hit or make it unbearable. So to help you make your shower a hit, we have made a list of the top 10 creative games to play with your guests at your bridal shower. With these entertaining and simple to do ideas, this celebration will be one that the bride will cherish!

Bridal Shower Bingo

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Starting out with this simple yet interactive game can be the perfect kick off to your party. Bridal bingo is just like regular bingo, except you swap out the numbers for wedding related words or symbols. You can print your own or even easily DIY them.

Newlywed Trivia

For this one you’ll need to create a bunch of questions about the bride and the groom and then hold a round of trivia among all the guests. It can be a team game or even a time challenge where whoever shouts the answer first wins. You can include all kind of questions like “How did they meet?” or “Who said I love you first?”.

Wedding Vow Mad Libs

Hand out sets of wedding vows to all your guests with certain missing words. Ask them to fill the blanks with words of their choice. The most entertaining wedding vow wins! This wedding themed twist to this classic word game will leave all your guests bursting with laughter.

Pin The Veil

Another wedding themed reinvention of classic party games, this one might seem familiar to you from your childhood days. All you need is a printout of the bride and a veil. Then all your guests can be amused as each player tries to pin the veil on the bride blindfolded.

What’s in Your Cell Phone?

No party goes by without posting Instagram stories. And well if people are going to be on their phones, why not make a game out of it! The players will all search their phones and get points for each wedding related item they can find. They can find a picture with the bride, the wedding invitation and so on.

Who Am I?

This is one our favorite bridal party games because it lets the guests know each other and relive old memories. Have the guests act out their favorite memory with the bride and let her guess it. If the bride can’t guess it, the guest gets a point.

Musical Bouquet

Like the name suggests, this is just musical chairs with a bouquet. The person holding the bouquet when the music stops is eliminated. Whoever is left with the bouquet at the end get s a special prize!

Date Night Ideas

Did you now that wedding games could be fun and useful? When everyone is settled down with food and drinks, pass out sheets of paper and have each guest write down fun date ideas. When everyone’s done read them aloud and put them in a cute box for the bride to use later.

Purse Scavenger Hunt

This is kind of a mini version of a regular scavenger hunt. Read out a list of things that you would normally find in a purse. Each guest has to check their purse for the item and if they have it they can hold it up and check it off their list. The player who check off the most items wins!

Who’s That Couple?

Pop culture has to make its way into a wedding, especially the bridal shower.  Test your guests’ pop culture knowledge by showing cut outs of celebrity couples and having everyone guess who it is. Don’t try to make it too easy!

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