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A Bride’s Pre-Wedding Smile Checklist

Brides are the locus of a wedding ceremony, everything that affects them will most likely affect the entire event. Also, we all agree to the fact that brides have so much to do, to make sure they have the wedding they have dreamt of. The difficult way to go about this is to fret, cry, and raise a thunderstorm of confusion, but the better and more classified way to make sure that the events, outfits, ceremonies, and happiness are all taken care of, is making a pre-wedding checklist. So when wedding planning becomes a testament in your journey ahead as a bride, a checklist is what will rescue you from all the last-minute anxiety! Here are a few things that should make it to your pre-wedding smile checklist:

Wedding Cake

Though if you are not really a food enthusiast, this might not be of primary importance to you, as a bride, you surely want your wedding cake to be a hassle off the list. Whether you love cakes and pastries or not, you will want to know, what flavor it is, how does the cake looks, does it sit well with your overall theme, etc. Add it to your checklist, so that another thing you’re sure of apart from getting married, is your wedding cake.

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Skincare Packages

A very important item on your pre-wedding checklist should be skincare packages. Ideally, it is enjoyable to adhere to a skincare regime, but in case you find that too tedious as a bride is involved in literally every aspect of the wedding function, you can opt for skincare packages on selected days as per your preference. After all, you want to glow on your big day!

Emergency Bridal Kit

What’s most essentially important to help you maintain a calm temper and a lovely smile, is a bridal kit that you have prepared yourself, in case of an emergency. While the make-up artist is solely responsible for your wedding look, it is wise to pack a few things that might come in handy, while you are getting ready for the wedding. The bridal kit might not just be restricted to your makeup items, you can also keep some snacks, water/ ready-to-make beverages, hair products, hygiene control, etc. in your emergency kit.


Although a wedding is a grand affair, prioritize yourself before thinking about the ceremonies, events, venue, outfits, and other things. Take a day or two off from your hectic pre-wedding schedule and pamper yourself. Indulge in not just a skincare day but also enjoy a spa and a luxurious and relaxing massage. Waxing, threading, haircut, manicure, pedicure, whatever needs to be done, get it done in your 2-3 days of self-care so that there is no last-minute hurry. Eat well and get some sound sleep. Rest well. Whatever self-care means to you, enjoy and relish it before you enter the series of wedding ceremonies.

Find a Wedding Wingman/Woman

You need to find a trusted friend for this task or allocate it to a sibling or a cousin who is responsible enough for it. You will need a wingman/ woman for not just the big day, but weeks leading to it. You cannot do all the running around yourself, which includes- picking up your bridal outfits, cross-checking your skincare and makeup appointments, packing your bags, finalizing the henna design, matching your jewelry with the outfits, and there is no end to it. Therefore, having a wingman/woman is a really important thing on your pre-wedding smile checklist. This individual is not only responsible for running errands, but they are also your person of trust and pillar of moral support at a time when you need it the most.

Photographers, wedding favours, invitations, theme, destination and so much more that can keep your head all wrapped in stress from about two months before the wedding to two weeks after it, but with a pre-bridal checklist, a good wingman/woman and enough rest and self-care, you can enjoy your wedding as much as the rest of the family does.

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