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5 Adorable Wedding Return Gift Ideas!

We all know that Marriages are a soulful union of two people and their families. Everyone has different plans and ideas on how to make the most special day of their life a memorable saga. Celebrating every custom & tradition in Indian marriages to declaring a food mania, we want it all. While all the guests are giving gifts and blessings to the newly married couple, the hosts presenting a note of thanks to the guests for gracing the occasion with their auspicious presence is also an imperative tradition in India.

We understand that you, as host, must be busy with the wedding preparations and must be wondering what to present as return gifts / favors to your guests. To help you, we have compiled some wedding return gift ideas below.

Vaastu Feng Shui Items

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In Indian families, you can easily find at least one family member who is so into Vastu. Vastu and Feng Shui items have made their way into the return gift options for the wedding due to the same reason. People believe that Feng Shui products are a source of positive energy in everyone’s life. And the best part is they are easily available in the market. There are so many Vastu & Feng Shui items to choose from – laughing Buddha, guardian lions, wind chimes, lucky crystals, tortoise, frog, fish to wish your guests’ happiness and prosperity.

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Dry Fruits Tray or Box

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Well, not suggesting to only gift the dry fruits to your guests but imagine those lovely gift boxes and trays. Nowadays, you can get enough of different styles for trays and boxes to choose from. Not only presentation styles, there are different dry eatables, including healthy options, to choose from. All you need is to keep your budget in mind and select the final return gift wisely.


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Scented and/or designer candles are loved by many. When it comes to your wedding return gifts, then these candles are a great choice. These candles are not only adorable but will also leave the sweetest memory in your guests’ minds. Designer and scented candles make a highly appreciated gift for a variety of occasions.

Personalized Cookies

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Going for personalized wedding favors like cupcakes, cookies and get them artistically packed is also a wonderful idea. You can even get the cookies and chocolate designed as per your choice.  Think of shapes that incorporate elements from Indian wedding functions like Kalash, shehnai, groom’s pagdi, etc.

Religious Idols

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India is the land of Gods and majority of people believe in idol worship. You can gift statues of Lord Ganesh, Shiv-Parvati, Radha-Krishna etc. to your guests. Pick some beautiful idols and make your wedding favors memorable by gifting one idol to each guest family.

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