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Difference Between An Event Planner And An Event Coordinator

The event management sector is growing, expanding, and evolving at a very rapid pace. There are several terms in the industry that are used interchangeably as many people are not aware of the job and responsibilities of different professionals working in this field. This leads to a lot of confusion. Here, we help you understand the difference between an event coordinator and an event planner.

People who do not work in the event industry are seldom aware of the difference between these two titles. In simple words, the job of an event planner is to take critical decisions about an event and answer questions like when, where, how, and who. Conversely, an event coordinator’s task is to ensure flawless execution of details that have been pre-decided. They are responsible for ensuring the vendor showing up on time and line up performances.

Event Planner

Planning an Event?

An event planner works in close coordination with the client and understands his precise requirements, vision, and budget for the event he is planning to host. For example, if it is a wedding, the job of the event planner is to understand the level of formality, intended tone, venue and menu expectations, décor details, guests’ list and more. After understanding these requirements, the job of planning and designing an event begins at the earnest. Major decisions are taken in consultation with the client.

An event planner needs to gain a lot of experience before he or she can single-handedly plan an event. Since the responsibility of planning an event and making it successful and memorable is huge, it is better to have a few years’ experience before designing an event as per the expectations and requirements of the client.

Event Coordinator

The job of an event coordinator is slightly different from that of an event planner. He doesn’t get involved at the designing stage but is responsible for lining up and managing individual event components to ensure a smooth event. After event designing has been done and completed by the event planner, the role of the event coordinator begins. He must help the planner to give shape to the vision. They need to get in touch with the vendors, firm up performances and services, decide delivery dates, and handle logistical tasks. Implementing every aspect of event vision as decided after consulting the client is not an easy job. There are endless details to be taken care of and endless details that can go wrong. So, the event coordinator has to be on his toes to ensure everything goes on in perfect tandem and the event turns out to be a mega success.

While they do their best to ensure everything is in place, one cannot rule out contingencies. So, the event coordinators also need to have a backup plan ready. Thus, an event coordinator is expected to be very resourceful, organized, and focused.

Event Management is fast becoming an attractive and lucrative sector for enthusiastic and hardworking people who love giving wings to dreams.

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