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9 Wedding Favor Ideas and Inspiration!

Wedding is a special occasion not just for the bride and the groom but for their entire family and friends too. It is worthwhile to consider innovative ways to make the wedding extra special for all the attendees. Wedding favours (return gifts) are a big trend in the wedding industry. These are gifts that are given by the host families to their guests as a token of thanks for attending the wedding. People are always in search of new inspiration and ideas for wedding favours to be one step ahead of events planned and attended in the past. You can find great inspiration online by doing some research and finalize the wedding favors you like the most for your guests. We have compiled some amazing wedding favour ideas in this article for you. Hope your search for wedding favors ends here.

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1. Personalized Glasses as Wedding Favors

Personlised Glasses
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Get the initials or names of the bride and groom printed with their wedding date on a glass jar to gift. Alternatively, you can have the initials or names of your guests personalized on drinking glasses and gift them a pair to remember the wedding by. This will be a very personalized gift and your guests are sure to love it.

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2. Magnets as Wedding Favors

Magnets as weddins favors
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You can make magnets with the photos of the couple and write the wedding date on it so that the guests will remember the day forever and can put it up on their fridge too.

3. Coasters as Wedding Favors

coasters as wedding favors
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You can personalize a set of 6 coasters with initials, wedding date, and a lovely saying on them and gift it as a wedding favor to your guests. They would appreciate the personalization and can use it every day.

4. Photo Frames as Wedding Favors

photo frames as wedding favors
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You can buy unique and timeless photo frames and place a picture of the couple inside it. Close family and friends can display the frame in their house and remember the wedding by the frame. You can also personalize the frame as per the theme of the wedding.

5. Silver Coins as Wedding Favors

silver coin as wedding favor
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If you’d like to spend more on your wedding favors and give something considered auspicious to treasure, you can buy a silver coin of the denomination that fits in your budget and gift it to your guests. You can get a nice box or packaging for these coins to go with the theme of the wedding.

6. Plants as Wedding Favors

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You can gift a nature-friendly favor to your guests by giving them a cute little plant which will stay with them for a long time. It’s a practical gift and would be appreciated by all your guests.

7. Candles as Wedding Favors

candles as wedding favors
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You can gift scented and personalized candles too. For personalization, you can get images, sayings, or dates printed on the candle and add a good scent to it. This would make a very pretty favor for your guests and they can display it proudly at their house.

8. Sweets as Wedding Favors

sweets as wedding favor
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You can gift a box of chocolates, sweets, or dry fruits as a wedding favor. These are traditional wedding favors that have never gone wrong.

9. Show Pieces as Wedding Favors

show pieces
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You can get timeless and choose unique showpieces such as a vase, idol, or other forms of showpieces that look intricate and valuable and gift to your guests as a wedding favor. They would be able to display the same at their house and will always remember the wedding by it.

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