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Games – Before the Party begins

What to do when some of your guests have arrived and there are still many to come?! After you’ve exchanged pleasantries, and served the welcome drink, start some “Before the party” games to indulge and entertain your guests. Check out some ‘Before the Party’ games we have shortlisted for you. So, that you can make the party entertaining from the start.

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Blow Gun

Players required: 2 or more persons
Equipment required:
• A straw for each player
• Some used wooden matches (20 or 30)
• A basket or bucket
Preparation: If using matches then cut off their burnt tips.

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How to Play: Mark a boundary or a line. Place a basket/bucket 5-6ft away from it. Players have to line up at a boundary line with 10 or more matches each. A player is provided with a “Blowgun” i.e. a straw to shoot the matches into the basket by blowing through the straw. Keep the record of each player’s score. A player who lands most of his match sticks into the basket will be the winner.
p.s. In place of wooden matches, we can use thermocol balls as well with a big bowl to shoot them in.


Players required: any number
Equipment required:
• Bucket
• 10 cricket or tennis balls
• 2-3 books
• A gift wrapping paper (optional)
Preparation: If you want to decorate your bucket you can wrap it with bright-coloured gift paper or paste a laughing face on its bottom.

How to Play: Place the bucket on the floor sideways in a way that it is at an angle, slightly lifted from the open side. To lift the open side of the bucket, you can place books 2-3 books below it. Cricket or tennis balls are right for this game. Players have to throw the balls into the bucket from a distance of 6 to 10 feet. The player who can get the maximum number of balls to stay inside the bucket wins this game. It is a lot of fun as the balls keep bouncing out of the bucket most of the time. If you toss the ball slowly to the left or side of the bucket at an angle, it will perhaps stay. Bouncing it slowly from the bottom rim of the bucket is also a trick that works. Shhhhhhhhhhhhhh…


Players required: any number
Equipment required:
• A covered box or basket
• Any fruit(s) – apple, orange, pear, grapes, strawberry, cherry, lemon, etc.
• A toy
• A carrot
• A bracelet
• An onion
• A piece of string
• A nail
• Or any other item can be used with a different kind of feel
• Papers and pencils for all players
Preparation: Put all the items in the covered box or basket.

How to Play: Place that box or basket near the party place and when your guests arrive, tell them to put their hands in the covered box/basket without removing its cover. Each player is allowed to feel the objects in the box/basket for 1 minute and then, in another 30 seconds, they have to list the things they have felt on a piece of paper. The player who gets the most items correctly listed is the winner.

Balloon Head

Players required: any number
Equipment required:
• Balloon
• A pencil and paper for recording
Preparation: None

How to Play: In this game each player has to bounce a balloon off their head (arms and shoulders are not allowed). The participant who bounces the balloon most will be the winner.

Card Flip

Players required: any number
Equipment required:
• A small box or a men’s hat
• An old deck of cards (different kinds of cards can be mixed and used)
Preparation: None

How to Play: Draw/mark a boundary line. Place the open box or hat at a distance of 6 to 10 feet from the line. Decide on a fixed number of cards each player will have the chance to flip (suggestion – 20 or 30 cards). One at a time, players have to stand behind the drawn line and toss/flip/snap at least five cards at a time, intending to land them in the box/hat. When all the cards have been tossed/flipped by a contestant, count the cards which have managed to land successfully in the hat. The player who manages to get maximum cards inside the box/hat is the winner.

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