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Cutesy Baby Shower Games

Every parent wants to have the perfect baby shower as a pre-welcome party for their child. So how does one plan the ideal baby shower amidst all the excitement and nervousness?

In case you are clueless; we are here to help with some amazing baby shower games that will be enjoyed by one and all. Read on.


This game captures the essence of having a baby: smelly diapers! But this one has a twist, instead of poop; the diapers must be smeared with melted chocolates in different flavours. The guests are then asked to smell the diapers and guess the type of chocolate bar on the diaper. Remember to mark the diapers or number them so you don’t forget the flavours on each.

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Hand out some Play-Doh to the guests and ask them to sculpt babies out of it. You can even give them some accessories. The parents can then decide which baby they like best. You may even give them prizes under different categories.


Ask all the guests to get pictures of themselves as babies/kids and stick them on a board. Hand over paper and pens to each guest and ask them to guess who the babies are. The one with the maximum correct answer wins.


This is a fairly simple game. Just get various baby items and put them in brown paper bags. Staple the bags and then pass them to the guests to guess what lies in each bag. You can use pacifiers, milk bottles, diapers etc.


When the guests arrive hand them pins to stick on their clothes. Let everyone know that they cannot say the word ‘baby’ during the entire course of the shower. The person who catches someone saying the forbidden word gets their pin. The guest with the maximum number of pins at the end of the shower is the winner.


Ask the father-to-be a list of questions about the baby and what he or she likes before the baby shower. Explain to the guests what you have done and then proceed to ask the same questions to the mother-to-be. She has to guess the answers given by her husband. The guests can also take their turn at guessing.


Buy any baby clothing/wrapping item and some non toxic fabric pens. Ask all the guests to write their names and a message for the baby. This can later be used for the baby and will make for an everlasting memory.


Hand over birthday cards to each guest with a number written on it. The number would be the age of the baby and guests have to write a birthday message for the baby for the appropriate age. It will make for a heart touching gift for your baby when they grow up!


Ask all the guests to write down a piece of advice for the mom-to-be on their gifts. The mother can later read out each advice when she opens the presents.

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