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Traditional Wedding Games at Indian Weddings

Wedding Games are the ice breaker between the couple and their families. It makes the new bond strong and instills a sense of togetherness. These make the wedding more zingy, bright and full of high spirit! The traditional wedding games are not just about following traditions, they are so much fun.

Here are some Indian wedding traditional games that you can plan on your big day...

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Finding the Ring – Post-wedding Game

This is one of the oldest and fun-filled game between the bride and the groom. In a deep bowl full of water, milk rose petals, flowers a ring is hidden deep, Both the bride and groom are meant to put their hands into the bowl or together and search for the rings by using one hand only. The one who finds it first is the winner.

Untying The Knot – Post-wedding Game


The coordination level of the bride and groom is the objective of this brilliant Indian wedding game. One hand of the bride and the groom is tied by the sister of the groom or one of the bridesmaids with a string with several knots. By using their free hands, the couple has to untie all of the knots. 

Cushion Passing – Post-wedding Game


Cushion passing is a classical and traditional wedding game. This is an interesting wedding game it needs a group of people and music. As the music begins, everyone starts passing the cushion around. Then, the music stops randomly and the person who has the cushion has to give a little performance.

Joota Churai – During Wedding Pheras

Joota Chupai’ or ‘Joota Chori’ rasam means ‘hiding shoes’.The bride and the groom remove their shoes before stepping inside the mandap. During this time, the bride’s sisters steal the groom’s shoes as a prank and promise to give the shoes back only if they get a handsome fee in return.

Tug of War – Pre-wedding Game


Tug-of-war is one of the finest Indian marriage games played amongst the bride squad and the groom squad. To add a twist to the game one can have punishment for the losing team.

Antakshari – Pre-wedding Game

This game is the most popular and is enjoyed by everyone. The team can be divided into two , contestant sings the first verse of a song, often (Bollywood songs). This entertainment can be stretched and as there are other things planned so to avoid delay one can have the time limit set. The winning team can have a memorable gift.

Paper Dance – Pre or Post wedding Game

It’s a game about couples where each couple wants to dance together with the music playing on a big sheet of paper. They need to get off the paper when the music stops, fold it in half and continue dancing on it. This will continue until the piece of paper is incredibly small. Disqualified from the game are couples whose feet slip off the paper.

Eating Competition between Bride, Groom, and Their Families

This one will be full of entertainment and enjoyment! One can decide upon and pick any one food item like golgappa, spicy chat or rabri or rasgulla and let the food battle begins. Keep an eyeball-grabbing prize for the winner.

Karaoke at Wedding

It will be a lot of fun to see some talent though you are a superb dancer or a bathroom singer, the team with swag will win. The team can be divided as Bride’s team and groom’s team.

Find the Name in Mehndi

This will be romantic to see the groom finding his name in the bride’s Mehndi. Either the full name or just the initials can be written. Let the groom keep guessing about it. There can be some teasing around by the bride’s side, this will make the groom nervous and it will be more fun to watch. 

Dance Performance at Wedding

The Families of the bride and groom can prepare a Bollywood wedding song to perform. The exceptional performance, with perfect coordination, best costumes and the choice of song number, wins the competition.

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