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Bidaai Songs For A Perfect Goodbye!!

Bidaai is the most emotional time on the wedding day, the moment that marks leaving the past behind and going onto a new beginning. It is when the bride’s family says goodbye the bride has to leave her home and start her new life. It is a bittersweet moment that strikes the nerve of everyone at a wedding.

There are many Bollywood songs that are written from the heart and help us put our overwhelming feelings into words and make the transition to the new life easier. So, to make your special moment even more memorable, here is a list of the best bidaai songs to accompany the waterworks!

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1. Dilbaro From Raazi Movie

The superheroes we do not deserve but always need – dads are one of the most formidable figures for every child and one of the few moments that see the titanium melting is watching them as their daughter walks away. Dilbaro is based on a traditional Kashmiri song. Beautifully talks about the relationship of a father and daughter while talking about the internal conflicts faced by the bride while leaving her home, and family behind. After hearing this we guarantee even superheroes will melt! 

2. Kabira From Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani Movie

This one is straight out of the solid gold playlist, out of a movie which captured everyone’s emotions and caught us a little off guard. It literally translates to one calling for their loved one to stay back. What makes it much more hard-hitting is the dreamy romance. We cannot think for a more apt song for when you walk down the final steps into your new life, perfectly capturing the gloom and the beauty of the moment at the same time, straight from the depths of the heart.

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3. Din Shagna Da From Phillauri Movie

If you have been to any wedding since the release of this song, it probably does not need any introduction. Dil Shagna da by Jasleen Royal is a little different. Instead of being the usual melancholic song, it talks about the joy behind being carried away into a new life by one’s soulmate. This one is definitely for the romantic ones who are counting every single day to their wedding, which is exactly what this song talks about. Also, do we have to mention it was played at the Virushka ceremony, so you don’t really need any more reasons?!

4. Laadki By Cokestudio

Coke Studio always has managed to surprise us and with this one, they nailed the Bidaai theme song. Laadki is written as a conversation between a father and a daughter, with the daughter thanking her father for looking after her and making her stand on her own two legs. The father then beautifully compares the girl to a bird whose time has come to fly away from the nest, to which the bride responds by solidifying the eternal father-daughter bond saying that no distance or object could ever affect their bond. Play this as a solace for the emotional fathers, we promise it will make them smile. 🙂

5. Kehta Hai Baabul From Baabul Movie

Another gem that we managed to dig straight out of the 2000s. It would be unfair to classify this masterpiece as just a song as it is nothing less of lyrical wonder. Another conversation between a father and his daughter. We see a contrast of emotions as the father on one side explains his deep sorrow but on the other hand wishes his daughter a happy marriage, saying that despite all the pain he will continue smiling for his little girl.

6. Nahi Jaana By Neha Bhasin 

Nahi Jaana by Neha Bhasin is not as intense as the others on this list but finds it’s way here due to its focus on the shyness a newlywed girl feels in front of her new family. The bride only wants to be taken away by her husband and honestly, we don’t see why not. This one’s for all the soulmates and shy brides.

7. Madaniya By Neha Bhasin

This is another beautiful piece by Neha Bhasin that sheds lights on the bride’s entire life from the moment she was born to the life her parents gave her and memories of her playing and laughing with her brothers. She is compared to a beautiful rainbow pigeon and it is time for her to fly from her nest and leave the home where she grew up. This song is bound to make everyone a little nostalgic, keep the tissues ready!

8. Ghar From Jab Harry Met Sejal Movie

This song from the movie ‘Jab Harry met Sejal’ talks about how the home is not a place but a person. This song highlights the beautiful bond that will be shared by the newlywed couple and the groom confesses his love to the bride. He tells her that she is his home, and he feels overwhelmed in her absence. He tells her how she makes him feel complete and this was his ultimate destiny. If you want to love in the air, this can be your go-to song! 

9. Heer From Jab Tak Hai Jaan Movie

This song is from the movie ‘Jab Tak Hai Jaan.’  In this, the bride talks about how difficult it is for her to leave her home and detach herself from her family and friends in order to start a new life. She tells us how difficult it is for her to leave all that she has known since she was a child. This is an incredibly special piece that is bound to make everyone teary-eyed. 

10. Lae Dooba From Aiyaari Movie

Last but not the least, this one is for our hard-core romantics who dream of the perfect wedding and have planned each detail to the last nail! This song is for the wedding couple and expresses their deep, immense love for each other. The groom talks about how his love for his soon to be wife makes him smile and brings tears to his eyes. This piece speaks to your heart and will be perfect to capture the moment. 

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