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Indian Wedding Games For Couples and Guests

The wedding time is exciting and full of fun times for the bride and the groom and their friends and families. You have already put in a lot of effort to make this day memorable and more enjoyable for everyone. Planning some interesting fun-loving games for the guests and the couple can add an extra dose of excitement and fun. 

 The concept of games for couples and guests in Indian marriages is not new. Earlier the weddings went on for the whole night and the couple getting married was usually very young in age. To keep them wide awake and make the whole idea of marriage interesting, a lot of games were organized for them. Similarly, friends and family members of both sides used to sing songs, play antakshari, etc. to keep things fun and livelier. Here, we bring you some interesting games that will help all of you to have a blast.


Planning an Event?

Antakshari is a quintessential wedding game that is played between relatives and friends of the groom and bride side. It is the best way to break the ice, help the couple feel a bit comfortable, and relatives getting to know each other. Impromptu dance performances in between help to amp up celebrations and entertainment. 

Treasure Hunt

These days, the treasure hunt is fast capturing the attention of wedding revelers as one of the best ways to have fun. This activity can be planned during the Haldi or Mehendi ceremony. A lot of clues are hidden in a limited area. Teams are made and they are expected to look for clues and reach the treasure. The team that reaches the treasure first is given a lot of creative wedding-theme based gifts.


Sangeet is one of the major pre-wedding functions. This function can be made more fun by organizing Sangeet Karaoke. Relatives and friends belting out wedding or funny songs add a lot of fun and excitement to the evening. 

Thrill With Beer Pong

When planning a bachelor’s party, plan a beer pong game that is very thrilling and exciting. You can compete with your wife to be and chug down beer faster than she and have loads of fun.

Look for the Shoe

While pheras are going on, the girls from the bride’s side can hide the groom’s shoes and return them only after he meets the demands laid by the girls. It is a traditional game but still make things exciting for everyone involved. 

Find the ring

After the wedding is solemnized, the bride and groom play to find the ring game. Here, they have a bowl filled with milk and water, rose petals, and a pinch of Haldi. A ring is dropped into it and they have to find it. It is a very exciting game as it is fun watching the bride and the groom pushing and pulling their fingers in search of the ring. 

Many of these games are age-old but quite relevant today as it has not lost its excitement value for the couple as well as friends and relatives. Such games add a few lighter moments to the ceremony. Plan these games in the upcoming wedding in your family and add a lot of joy and laughter.

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