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New Year Party Etiquette FAQs

New Year party is at the time of where each one of us loves to have our hearts fill, dancing and merrymaking. Be it wine or dine, exotic locales and striking themes – all we care about a wonderful and gala time. But when invited for a New Year Party, as a guest there are certain basic etiquettes expected from you that you should ensure to obey. The FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) list below will throw a good light on what you need to do as a guest to a New Years’ Party.

  • Is it important to RSVP?

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 Yes. It is absolutely necessary to RSVP even if the host is your closest friend or family. Call to confirm your attendance and inform prior – much in advance. Also, inform the number of people who will be coming with you. Please don’t simply send an SMS or a WhatsApp message – often such text messages lose out significance when the person is in the midst of organizing the event.

  • What should I wear?

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The best is to adhere to the dress code mentioned on the invite. Don’t choose to be different and show off your ingenious dressing style please – it straightaway means that you are disobeying the set down rules of the host – something that the host and the hostess may not take to very kindly. For a formal party take out your most impressive evening gown and the business suit for your partner. For a beach party wear an appropriate dress – don’t take your gown and business attire here.

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  • Should I bring my kids with me?

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No, until and unless mentioned. Parties arranged specifically for adults should be attended only by grown-ups. It is best to have a baby-sitter arranged in advance and if the host of the party has made special arrangements for kids then use the facilities.

  • It is good manners to get a gift for the hostess?

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Yes, absolutely. When attending a party of whatever type, size and theme, ensure that you get a small thank-you gift for the hostess. Write a small and neat note to thank the organizers and don’t forget to mention your name. Never carry an anonymous gift – better let the gift be in that case.

  • Can I behave as I want to at the party or am, I required to be well-behaved?

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It is understood that New Year Party runs high on electric energies and passion levels. People drink, dance and groove to live music and all that they are bothered are – is about enjoying the last few hours of the year going by and welcome the year that is about to come. Having said that, it definitely does not mean that guests can get over-drunk, misbehave with other guests and their own friends, create a mess, etc. Remember that you are in a public party and need to behave, irrespective of the nature of the party – don’t forget your basic manners and try to keep things as classy and tasteful as humanly possible. Keep away from gossips and engaging in malicious activities. Keep conversations honest and full of warmth.

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