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Top 10 New Year Party Themes

With the New Year fast approaching it is the time that people who love to host amazing parties on the night of 31st December gear up and start their planning and organizing impromptu. One of the most bothersome decisions in the context of a new year party revolves around the theme- after all, this is the one aspect that can pull people to the party and push them away too – it is such an integral part of the New Year Eve. The theme needs to gel well with the overall New Years’ ambiance, though for fun and merrymaking is the bottom-line that every guest aims for in this case.

Peacock Colored Themed Party

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It is the amazing colors of the peacock that leaves people impressed and attracted. This year you can plan your New Years’ Eve in these majestic colors of aqua, green, blue and brown. From the background to the use of crockery, from cuisines that are boldly done and flavored and presented in varying hues, there is plenty that you can do. You could also keep the dress code limited to these colors and request guests to use peacock feathers and decorators to give that ultimate look.

Relaxing Spa Themed Party

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While the beach and the jungle themes are quite popular, the spa theme can be induced into the New Year party this year to help guests relax and rejuvenate their tired body and spirits. From massages to facials to pedicure and manicures, this one could be a real treat.

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Jazz Themed Party

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This will surely take your guests back to the 1920s and the 1930s. From retro music to using the gramophone, request your guests to wear impressive old-fashioned garments.

Gambling Den Themed Party

Source: Twitter

Use poker chips, playing cards, roulette, other casino games, cowboy hats, and dark shades to get the ambiance right. The theme could be limited to simply being in the background or you could arrange for the real feel of gambling where guests could stake their hard-earned money.

Bonfire Themed Party

Source: Twitter

A good way to spend the last day of the passing year, you could invite your close friends and family and serve them some amazing alcoholic drinks and snacky items to make the day memorable.

Glittery Themed Party

Source: Try Not Laughs

This one could be quite easy to arrange. Use glitters, shines and sparkles everywhere – from decorations to dresses, from the wine glasses to the crockery.

Glow Themed Party

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Quite popular, the last day of the year can be lit up using black light bulbs, neon decorations to get the ideal pitch-black darkness at the venue surrounded by foot-tapping music.

Sustainable Themed Party

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The purpose here is to use as much as possible eco-friendly products. From locally grown food to using organic elements, this one can be a great eye-opener for guests.

Gold Themed Party

Source: Pinterest

Needless to say, the topic of the day is gold. So, your party decoration, the dress, the accessories, and the food will all have the golden sparkle to them.

Costume Themed Party

Source: Glassdoor

Again, a very popular party theme it would be interesting to see your guests use their imagination and creativity. You could ask them to dress as per their New Years’ resolution to make things more exciting.

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