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A must blog before planning your New Year Party

New Year is around the corner and the party fever is on. No wonder you have your plans for throwing a New Year party which will be the talk of the town (at least among your friends and family).
Does this mean that you have to make arrangements for sparkling decorations, sumptuous food and drinks, entertainment etc. and not have fun yourself? Does this mean you will be tired and bringing in the New Year just picking up after your guests?
Answer to all of this is a big NO. You CAN enjoy your party while the clock is ready to strike 12 and make a fabulous entry into the New Year. This blog will help you give a fabulous party and enjoy it too.
new year party plan

Guest List

party guest list
Planning is the key to giving a perfect party and enjoying it too. Plan your guest list beforehand and send invites early so that you can do all the arrangements without any embarrassing situations especially food and drinks quantity. Try to keep in mind the composition of the guests – too many small groups will result in you running between them to try to make them comfortable.
See to it that whether you would require any travel arrangements / designated driver for ensuring safety of your guests when they return. Else, you could also plan night stay for some of your guests.


new year eve decoration
You are the best person to create a theme as you only know your guests. Decide how formal and informal you want your party to be. For e.g. decide whether you want to have a sit down dinner with identified courses or something informal with snacks flowing in regularly.
Create a theme early so that you can source the props and decorations. Try to link everything together whether its decoration, games / fun activities, music, dress code etc. Create games based on your theme like best dressed according to theme.
Some of the themes may be Las Vegas, Bollywood, Pool Party, Retro etc.

Planning an Event?


new year eve playlist
Music adds life to the party. It uplifts the mood and thrusts a spell of positive energy in the surroundings. Make sure that you select music that as appropriate to theme and the guests. Also you can keep some soft music as filler gaps to enable guests to interact and play games. It’s best to prepare a playlist so that you can also enjoy the dance floor instead of just looking for what song to play next. Also, select a specific piece of music / countdown for welcoming the New Year with perfection.


new year eve photography
Parties are time to create and capture memories in the form of photographs. You can assign a person to take photographs (to reduce budget ask your budding photographer to hone their skills at your party).
You can even create photography related activities like –
Before and after photographs – You could place some unique props (old fashioned, funny or latest based on your theme) like hats, scarves, fur mufflers, goggles etc. Take everyone’s photo with these props at the entrance and later when in the party mode.
Selfies – Selfies, groupies are the in trend people are crazy about so create nooks and corners with props where people can go crazy. A simple sheet hanged as a backdrop with balloons and some props (you can use simple things like fairy lights, vases, mirrors easily available at home) could also serve the purpose.
Games – You could also throw a competition for a particular type of photograph like funny photo, most sober photo at party end etc.

New Year Resolution

new year resolution card 2018

In the New Year’s party “eve,” it’s time to push the past behind and tap the bright prospects in life. Everyone has lots of thoughts and wishes around which they make their New Year resolutions. You can plan to distribute pre-printed cards with fill in the blanks as I will start the New Year with …., I say goodbye to…., I resolve to…. etc. You can make this interesting by giving prizes to ones with most interesting or most hilarious resolution.

Make them contribute

new year party contribution
You can ask some of your guests to bring some cocktail or snacks for the party (especially that friend who makes a killer cocktail or yummilicious dessert). This will make a wider variety of drinks / food available for the guests and will add a special touch to the party. It will also help in reducing the budget or adding more fun in the same budget.

Accept help

accept help
Many people would love to extend their help and support in organizing the party. Don’t say no to them. Instead, share some small portions of arrangements with them which will make them feel honoured. But keep in mind that they are not overburdened time wise or budget wise so that they also enjoy the party.
Happy hosting! A very happy New Year!

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