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Latest Themes for New Year Party

New Year is approaching fast and the celebration plans are already in full swing. The lingering memories of the passing year and the excitement of greeting the coming year with open arms is a great experience that we all want to share with others. What better way to do so than getting together for a scintillating New Year bash?

Celebrating a New Year Party

JS53294742New Year party can be celebrated in many ways. You can choose a fun theme and plan everything, from your invitations, decorations, dresses and menus to games and entertainment activities based on that particular theme. This is a great way of making the whole event more exciting and entertaining. People love to act out their part in a theme based party. It makes them feel even more involved in the action. It’s a great way to bring people mentally closer and think, feel and enjoy themselves as a part of the whole.

5 Latest Themes for New Year Party

There are many themes that you can choose from for your New Year party. Following are a few of the latest New Year party themes that can make your party exciting.

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1. Celebrity Theme

dead-celebrityThis is one of the most fun themes for a New Year party. Everyone loves celebrities. We all have a secrete attraction and awe for the lifestyles of movie or sports celebrities who seem larger than life to us. This theme is based on this exciting passion we have for our favourite celebrities.

  • Ask all the guests to come dressed just as their favourite celebrities. This includes everything that celebrity would do or wear for the party. You enter into the role of your favourite celebrity and act as if you are him or her. You can copy their dress, hairstyle, style of speaking and behaviour.
  • Arrange a celebrity fancy dress competition and give out prizes for the best style imitation of a celebrity.
  • A game of antakshari with only the songs of your favourite celebrities can be a fun addition to enjoy the celebrity theme.

2. Disco Party Theme

mtel-nova-godinaIf dancing on the beats of the music of 70s and 80s is your passion, then a disco party theme is a great way to let your hair loose on the New Year’s Eve.

  • Dress in the 70s and 80s style of clothing including printed shirts and bell-bottom trousers. Keep long hair if possible and even moustaches, real or fake.
  • Decorate the venue with bright lights and shining disco balls. Hand balloons and ribbons all over the ceilings, walls, doors, windows, etc. Make the venue as colourful and lively as possible. You may even hang guitars and cutouts of your favourite disco dancers and celebrities to add more fun to the atmosphere.
  • Turn on the popular disco music of the past decades and dance your heart out at the fun ‘boom-boom’ rhythm of the music till the last minute of the passing year. Mix some contemporary music to spice up the things even more.

3. Around the World Theme

7This can be quite and innovative theme for a modern day New Year bash. The world is coming closer everyday and the boundaries between nations and continents are not as rigid as they were before. We are all fast becoming citizens of a global village. The Around the World theme is based on this perception.

  • Decorate the venue with cutouts and symbols of the globe. Place pictures or cutouts of important world locations, famous personalities of those regions, etc. Decorate the venue depicting many cultures and countries together as part of a global family.
  • Prepare menus keeping in mind the famous cuisines of the different countries in different time-zones.
  • Different time zones will reach 12 o’clock at midnight at different times. Celebrate the New Year for different zones as a new time-zone reaches 12 at midnight in that area. So you will be able to celebrate the New Year many times over in a single day.

4. A Fortune Teller Theme

It is believed in many cultures that New Year is the time when the two worlds of physical and non-physical come close and overlap. This offers a great opportunity to peep into the future of a person. The fortune teller theme is a fun theme based on this innovative concept.

  • A fun way to begin is to send invitations in the form of tarot cards.
  • Decorate the venue with pictures, cutouts of the astrological symbols, zodiac signs, tarot symbols, etc.
  • Hire a fortune teller or tarot card reader to look into the future of the guests and offer them some insightful advice to make the most of the coming year.

5. Glow in the Dark Party Theme

P9120087How about vanquishing the darkness in the world and shining some glowing light everywhere? Glow in the dark theme is a wonderful theme based on the principle of lighting the world and making it a happy, glowing place for everyone. The glowing lights in the party will spread glow in the hearts of many.

  • Fix some black lights around the venue. You can buy them from a party products supplier locally.
  • Buy a bunch of glow-sticks, eyeglasses, necklaces, bracelets, etc. Distribute them among the guests.
  • Decorate the venue with colored optic lights bulbs.
  • Offer the guests with glowing ice cubes and jello molds.

A New Year party is always one of the most exciting and fun parties you can imagine. Decide on a wonderful theme based New Year Bash and embark upon the adventure of the New Year with a bang.

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