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Unique Ways of Using Mirrors in Indian Weddings

Indian weddings are full of fun, frolic, opulence and colors. We like to conduct weddings in a spectacular and grandiose manner. Everything about an Indian Weddings is big and lavish. The guests’ list is long, the food menu is endless, the music is loud and the décor is elaborate with flowers, fabric, carpets, lanterns and accessories. People usually keep looking for ideas beyond regular decor for their weddings so that it looks different from others’ and people may talking about it for days. It’s a real challenge for the event planners to keep on introducing new wedding decoration ideas for their clients. Recently the use of mirrors has added a new freshness in the Indian wedding planning domain. Mirrors are being used in a variety of ways in the western weddings and have now begin finding place in Indian Wedding Decoration as well. It has added a lot of shine, gloss, glamour and a wow factor to the traditional Indian marriages. Here are some innovative and unique ways in which the mirrors can be used in Indian Wedding Ceremonies.

In Wedding Card Designs:

Mirrors can be used to make decorative wedding card boxes which resemble a jewellery box and can accommodate a sweet box or a chocolate box in it along with the wedding card. It can be used as a jewellery box, later on by the guests. Moreover plenty of beautiful and unique designs for wedding cards can be made using mirrors.

wedding box

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In Wedding Décor:

  • Mirrors can be used for making table placement mats for the guest tables or could also be used as beautiful mirror table numbers for them to find their tables accurately.
  • The backdrop of the centre stage for the wedding couple can be decorated with vintage and antique mirrors with flowers around to give it an opulent look. The regular all flowery décor has become obsolete now days. Imagine the kind of effect a ‘Jaimaala’ photo shoot would have with a mirror backdrop!


  • Mirrors can also be used to project areas not easily accessible and visible to all the guests.
  • Mirrors can reflect candlelight in the most stunning way, therefore mirrors as table tops with candle and flower arrangement on it can be a mesmerizing combination.
  • The bar at the wedding venue can be made using mirrors with the reflection of the bottles and crystal glasses creating a catchy and striking effect on the guests.


  • Using curtains made with long strings of small mirrors along with sheer fabric and flowers gives the décor a bit of period and royal look.
  • For an indoor wedding, huge mirrors can be used as a backdrop to lot of flowers and greenery making the entire venue look spectacular with the reflection of the green grass and the blue sky. It adds visual depth and gives an illusion of bigger space.


  • Artistic mirrors placed strategically give a chance to the guests to catch a glimpse of themselves and primp up their clothes and reapply the jaded lipstick. They would be thankful to you for those mirrors, for sure.

As Signages:

They are a refreshing change from the regular chalk boards and the paper boards. They can be used as a sign for making a fabulous seating chart at the reception to show the guests their seats. They can also be used to write the wedding ceremony details instead of using the regular printed paper program.


The mirror can be used as a sign at the entrance of the wedding venue to welcome the guests, to display dinner/lunch menu and to announce the wedding with names of the bride and the groom on it. This can be done using beautiful hand calligraphy using glass marking pens of gold and other colors.

In Wedding Photography:

The use of mirrors in wedding decoration is also a photographer’s delight as he gets a chance to capture the photos in unimagined ways generating unique effect created through mirrors. The wedding photographer can use the mirror reflections photography technique to capture reflections and create some amazing and memorable images. In fact the entire wedding photo shoot can become magnificent with the use of mirrors.


In Wedding Attires:

If it’s a traditional Indian wedding there’s sure to be a plethora of colors and glitz all around especially in the clothes of the bride and groom. The bridal ‘lehnga’ or ‘saree’ can be designed with small mirrors embroidered all over, as is common in Gujarati and Rajasthani dresses for men and women.


Even the footwear of the bride and groom can have sparkling mirrors all over. They will surely add some extra sparkle in the wedding attire.

As Wedding Return Gifts:

Small and colorful hand-crafted Pocket Mirrors or Jewel Boxes decorated with tiny mirrors and other embellishments can serve as ideal return gifts after a fun filled mehndi’ or ‘sangeet’ ceremony for the guests. Not only they come in various shapes and designs to cater all age groups but also look cute and elegant as gifts.

Smart use of mirrors can make a wedding event look distinct and inspirational. They can make any event more lustrous and resplendent amidst reflecting lights and even more illuminated wedding venue. Therefore do not hesitate to experiment with this sophisticated item at various occasions as you plan for your next event ahead.

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