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Wedding Catering in India : Discover the Latest Trends & Ideas

If you are planning to host a wedding ceremony or a similar grand event that involves mass feasting, in the near future, you must stay upbeat with the fast-evolving trends in the Catering Menu and Food style of the modern Indian guests. Here, we have compiled the suggestions and ideas from some well-known Caterers and Wedding Planning Experts in India, to help you decide the right menu for your upcoming event.

Presentation Matters:

good catering presentation

The current trends suggest that Indian dining is getting deeply influenced by their Western counterparts. A huge emphasis is now laid on the presentation of the food as well. Chefs these days, therefore, lay equal importance to the decoration of cuisines and their savour. The food being served in plates is preferred over the earlier custom in India wherein the food was served in the utensils it was cooked into.

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Awareness About Eating Healthy:

clean and healthy food

The guests nowadays are far more conscious and aware about the food they are eating. They love to experiment and try new things around. At the same time, they also do not overlook the health implications of what they eat.

As per a survey ‘organic’, ‘vegan’, ‘whole-grain’, ‘oil-free’, ‘unprocessed’ are some of the primarily emphasized attributes of food people sought for in 2014. This year is witnessing the addition of ‘wheat flour-free’ foods (substituted by peanut, millet, barley and rice flours) to this list. With more guests emphasizing on the ingredients of the dishes, the caterers have already begun switching to the healthier options available.

Striking a Balance between New and Regional food:

Most of the guests coming in have travelled a lot and come up with a variety of experience as far as cuisines and culinary is concerned. This has also led to a rise in demand for various Global cuisines from South America, Australia and Nordic countries. Also, the food from Peru and Korea is gaining popularity among food lovers in India.

western dishes

At the same time, regional and classic recipes are also making a comeback like never before. Caterers all over India are registering demand for separate counters for Punjabi, Hyderabadi, and Awadhi food these days. As per the Industry experts the demand for ethnic and regional cuisines will see a steeper rise in times ahead.

Indian dishes

Restyling Food to Relish Longer:

Even after an increase in demand for western and newer cuisines, the ethnic and regional Indian food has not lost its sheen. Rather, even the much-relished street foods of India are grabbing a place in big events in a bit modified and improved forms.

Fast Foods

For example – ‘paani puris’ are now being served in bowls along with the liquid served in shot-glasses, giving the food lovers an option to enjoy it in a cleaner way. Likewise, the ‘tikkas’ are being served as ‘kebabs’ on the skewer.

Customizing Beverages your way :

Beverages have gained prominence in all types of events and on a much wider level with separate counters being built up for various types of herbal teas and coffee flavours. Different blends of cocktails and mocktails are being prepared and served to cater to the specific requirements from alcoholic and non-alcoholic drink lovers.

Awesome Drinks and Beverages

With the growing awareness for the benefits of staying hydrated and the nutritional contributions made by healthy drinks, an increase in demand for drinks like coconut water, cold-pressed juices and herbal concoctions is also seen.

Adding Brand-value with Specialty Counters:

Caterers in Delhi NCR and other metropolitan cities narrate a newer demand arousing for food counters of the popular Global Brands in their weddings. Big retail food and beverage chains like Pizza Hut, Café Coffe Day, Bikanerwala, etc. have promptly responded to this upsurging demand setting up Specialty Counters in Social and Corporate Events, big or small.

Feasting Patterns 2015:

Having discussed the changes in the catering menu and style of food in detail, let’s also go through the key alterations in feasting and catering patterns in India, as noted in recent times.

With times, emphasis on the quality and distinction of cuisines has grown instead of the number of meals being served. In fact, the quantity of variations in dishes has been cut short to avoid a mess. Breakfasts and lunches have been replaced by brunches nowadays to accommodate short and quicker meals anytime in the day.

The seating styles have also undergone a change with seating arrangements in group form being preferred by both the hosts and the caterers. The family dining reminds us of the long-existing traditions of feasting in India, as it adds warmth to the newly developing relationships in wedding events.

Desserts, that have a special place in big as well as small weddings in India, have also undergone a slight change, wherein, the buffet-style desserts have replaced the conventional ways of serving. This offers the guests a wider variety of dessert to choose from.

In the next 10 years, the Catering Services in India, especially in big cities like Delhi NCR, are going to observe some key changes that will lead towards simpler, yet, healthier and richer feasting.

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    • Sure. In India, we have various different options to choose from – sometimes venue has its own catering and an empanelled decorator(s) to work as per your theme and budget. Some venues allow to bring caterer(s) and/or decorators(s) from outside. One can also engage an event planner that brings all different vendors together for your special event.

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