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How to Plan a Corporate New Year Party?

The New Year is fast approaching and everyone is already in excited anticipation of the mysteries and surprises it holds. It’s a time of celebrations and people are getting ready for the grand New Year’s evening to welcome the year 2014.

Be it at home or in an office, the New Year is celebrated with great enthusiasm and vigour by people from all walks of life. A corporate New Year party is a special occasion for all the employees of a company. It brings them closer and helps create a more cordial atmosphere in the organization.

Planning for the Corporate New Year Party

Planning an Event?

However, planning and organizing a successful corporate New Year party can be quite a challenge. There are many things one should take care of while making preparations for the party and it can take up a lot of time and energy. Most offices prefer handing over this specialized job to professional event planners. This makes it convenient for them to get the event planned and managed well according to their ideas and specifications.

It is always best to know what goes into the planning and implementation of a New Year party so as to be able to play an active and effective role in the preparations. Following are a few tips you should follow in order to make the New Year celebrations in your office a grand success and fun.

Send Invitations

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When you are planning a New Year party for your office, it is important to send formal invitations to each and every member of the team.

  • Make sure that you make a list of the people who will be invited for the event. Since it is an office party, it is obvious that it will include all the office staff and superiors. However, making a clear-cut list of all the guests will make it easier to send everyone a formal invitation for the party without missing any name.
  • Send emails or send invitations using social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Specify every detail including the timing and venue of the event. Also, specify the event theme and any dress code if you plan to have one.
  • If family members of employees are going to be invited, specify it clearly in the invitations.

Find a Perfect Location

This is one of the most important decisions you need to make in order to make your party become successful. The venue of an event plays a major role in its success or failure and needs to be chosen with care and enough thought.

  • Discuss with other employees or superiors about this issue.
  • Keep in mind the kind of party you are planning for. Which activities will take place? How many people will attend it? What type of entertainment will be organized?
  • Make sure that the venue you choose will meet all your requirements. Do they offer all the services you will need including food and drinking, lighting arrangements, decorations, sound systems, etc. or will you need to arrange for them separately?
  • For a small party, your office could be converted into a nice looking party venue. However, if you expect a large number of guests and a lot of music, dance and entertainment activities, then the conference centre of the hotel might be the best choice.

Decorations for the Corporate New Year Party

An office is generally a place where serious matters are discussed. New Year party will change this atmosphere completely and bring broad smiles on the otherwise long-faced, workaholic office folks. Decorations will play a major role in lightening up the venue.

  • Make it all colourful, vibrant and glittering. Don’t pull yourself back from using the most extravagant colour combinations possible for the party decorations. The fancier the better.
  • Hang streamers and banners with “Happy New Year 2014” on it.
  • Use lots of multi-shaped and multi-coloured balloons, ribbons to hang from ceilings and walls and float around the room.
  • Put soft, scented candles and confetti decorations to offer a festive look and feel to the atmosphere.
  • You many put a New Year Tree, as a central decoration at the venue. Decorate it with bells, stars, lights, etc.

Food Ideas for the New Year Party

There are many food items that you may like to munch on while counting down for the magical moment of the New Year.

  • Finger foods make the best light food for keeping all the guests busy throughout the event.
  • Many mouth-watering Indian veg and non-veg snacks and delicacies including batata vadas, samosas, pakoras, kebabs, tandoori chicken, carrot halwa, dudhi halwa, gulab jamun, rasgullas, ras malai, etc. are popularly consumed during the party.
  • Drinks may include alcohol to cocktails to various soft-drinks and juices according to personal taste.

Music and Dance Entertainment

New Year party cannot be complete without some fun and frolic. Play up the volume of the music player and let the wilder side of your personality show itself to the world. Let all the staff members shed their inhibitions and dance to the tune of some top western or Bollywood songs and music.

Games for the Party

Make the mood light-hearted by playing some fun games on the New Year’s Eve at the office party. Some entertaining games are,

  • My Resolution
  • Strike a Light
  • The Vicar’s Cat
  • The Grouping Game
  • Funny Face Contest

A New Year party in your office could be a greatly entertaining event if these tips are followed with some creative additions of your own. Involve as many employees and staff members as possible in every stage of the planning and organization of the party. Let everyone contribute to the success of the event. This will surely increase the spirit of unity and camaraderie among the members.

Make the New Year’s Eve a grand and memorable event for every member of the office and greet the New Year with open arms and a happy smile on your face.

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