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Welcome to VenueLook!

Ever accompanied a family member or a friend to check out venues for a wedding, a social gathering or a corporate party?? If you have, you would agree with us on the pain areas associated with finding just-the-right venue for an event.

Most of you would have found themselves in one or more of the following situations:

face-sad “There aren’t many venue choices in my city.
I know just 5-6 venues to choose from.”

Planning an Event?

face-sad “I do not want to visit them all to get their quotes. So, I’ll go to the first one, and finalize if okay. Will visit the 2nd place only if either the 1st one is not available or is too expensive to fit in my budget.”

And wondered…

face-wishing Wish I could check availability and get quotations from all of them for my event requirements before I shortlist them to visit…

face-wishing I am very busy right now and have to book a good venue by today before someone else books it for the date of my event. Can’t I book it online???

face-wishing I’ve been to this venue and I like it, so can’t I just speak on phone with them, book online and visit after 2 days, on a Sunday???

We, ourselves could relate to all these scenarios face-happy

Hence, we bring to you the solution to finding and booking just-the-right venue for your big and small events!

Let us help you to find that one venue that is perfect for your occasion. With hundreds of venues in our database (and growing), and search filters that help you cut to the chase, we guarantee that your search will be both simple and enjoyable. In fact, it’s really as simple as

1. Search

2. Enquire for more details, availability and quotes

3. Receive Quotes

Doesn’t matter if you are a professional event planner or an occasional one, we have all your venue needs covered. And if there’s anything more you’d like us to offer, just leave a comment here or drop an email to us at events@venuelook.com, We’ll be happy to hear from you and improve our products and services. face-happy

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