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Top 10 Festive Christmas Party Themes

Come Christmas, the party circuit comes alive and every season there are a lot of parties to attend to. Some parties are memorable ones while some are best forgotten about. If you are planning a Christmas Party and want your guests to reminisce about the party for a long time to come, look up an interesting party theme. Here, we bring you some interesting and fun-loving themes that are sure to be loved by the guests.

A Beach Themed Party

Yes, you heard it right. It is fun recreating a beach-themed Christmas party when the town is experiencing bitter cold waves. Bring this vacation vibe by asking your guests to come in their colorful beachwear. Light up a bonfire so that they don’t catch a cold and get into the party mood without any worry. Serve drinks and food that goes perfectly well with the theme. 

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Dress up like Christmas Characters

It is a very interesting theme and goes well with the holiday cheer. Ask your guests to dress up in their favorite Christmas characters like Scrooge, Santa’s elves, angels, and Santa Clause of course. It will be fun coming in cheerful get-up and the whole party will seem to be obsessed with Christmas cheer.

A Dip of Your Dreams Themed Party


This is a slightly different theme but works well if you’re calling your friends for the party. Ask each one of them to bring a dip of their choice to be used when enjoying appetizers. It is different from a traditional potluck with just an interesting and casual spin. If you are health-conscious, you can introduce your friends to your very own invested low-cal dips and encourage them to follow a healthier lifestyle.

A Christmas Bonfire Themed Party

Nothing can beat fun and meeting and greeting that goes around the Christmas bonfire. Arrange for a tempting barbeque spread with amazing drinks or even hot chocolate. While doing so, encourage everyone to hum popular Christmas carols. This is sure to transport you to Christmas parties at your grandparents’ home that you so enjoyed.

A Masquerade Party Themed Party

Ask your guests to dress up in a masquerade costume and make the party come alive with lively, vibrantly colored and shining costumes. This theme demands minimum effort but amps up party fun by several notches. It’s a great icebreaker and adds an element of mystery. 

Christmas Pajama Themed Party


If you are tired of wearing high heels and tight, figure-hugging dresses while you were busy party hopping, give yourself a break and plan a Christmas pajama party. Be comfy and enjoy the fun with your besties without feeling uncomfortable. Watch popular Christmas flicks, have good wine and soul food that gives you a feeling of complete relaxation.

Know what the future holds for you Themed Party

You can keep an astrologer theme for your Christmas party. Call an expert astrologer and have your future read. This is the best way to look forward to a happening new year. 

Cowgirl Night Themed Party

If you are planning an all-girls Christmas party, plan a ho-ho evening with everyone wearing a cowgirl costume. You can make it more realistic by acting out like a cowgirl and have oodles of fun. 

Hollywood Themed Party

It is a fun way to show your loyalty to your favorite Hollywood artists. Dress up as your favorite Hollywood actor and recreate a filmy evening. 

DIY Christmas Ornaments Themed Party

Erect a huge Christmas Tree in your room and ask your guests to bring a DIY Christmas ornament and hang it on the tree to make it look more beautiful and divine.

Following any of these themes is sure to make your Christmas Party memorable and immensely enjoyable.

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