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10 Unconventional Couple Entry Ideas to Rock at Your Indian Wedding!

All eyes are on the bride and the bridegroom at marriages. The first time that you enter a public domain as husband and wife or as a would-be couple is much anticipated by friends and family. Whether it is the reception that follows a traditional Indian wedding or the wedding night, we all wish to make a mark on the minds of the people present – we all wish to do things differently. Some want to make their first appearance filmy and grand, while some prefer the quiet and simple entry styles.

Offbeat Ways To Make Grand Entry

Enter the Venue in Style from The Heavens Itself

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Prove the adage true that marriages are made in heaven. All you need to do is to have a reliable trolley service do the job. Have the trolley decorated with lots of flowers, lights, and other traditional Indian wedding pieces.

Enter the Venue in the True Desi Style

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Amidst cheers and applause from the crowd. Have a rickshaw decked up like a bride – let the newly-wed lady be seated on the rickshaw and let it pulled or driven by her husband or would-be husband.

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Enter Seated on an Elephant

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Another Desi style idea – though this one is akin to what Maharajas and kings from the bygone eras would have done. Your entry to your wedding or reception cannot be grander or majestic than this. Enter seated on an elephant and let everyone experience first-hand the royalty.

The Bride held tight by her Husband

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One of the simplest and yet the most romantic entry idea for a bride is to enter the venue held tight by her husband. The groom needs to pick up his wife or would-be in his arms and carry her through to the venue.

Under a Flower Shower

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Have your close friends and family shower flower petals on you as you enter the scene. If you have the budget, hire a helicopter to pour the petals from the skies above.

Cinderella Styled Carriage

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If you and your partner are in awe of English style grand entries then you could use the Cinderella styled carriage drawn by a horse or horses to enter your special venue.

Stylish Looking ATV

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This one is for modern couples. Hire a stylish looking ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle) and look trendy and flamboyant as you make your grand entrance to the venue.

Dance your Way to The Marriage Hall

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Now we all know that Indian weddings are incomplete without music and dance. This time use it to turn, twist and twirl with your new partner on foot-tapping music to enter the venue.

Ride on a Motorbike driven by your Would-Be

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A hot entry idea to the venue is to ride on a motorbike driven by your would-be and decorated in floral colours like a traditional wedding. The bride could act coy or if she is the bolder ones, she could use a prop to look like a queen or a bandit queen.

Under the Shower of Sparklers

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Let your friends do the needful – they need to hold the sparklers as the bride and the groom enter and walk through in a display of lights.

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