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Bachelor’s Party Ideas

A bachelor’s party, also known as stag night or bull’s party, is a traditional party night dedicated to a man who is going to get married soon. Bachelor’s party is held few days before the marriage, so that the would-be groom gets a chance to celebrate the last night of his bachelorhood. Most men see the bachelor’s party as the last chance for the groom to live a carefree night with his close pals before getting tied in the wedding commitments. Sometimes, the soon-to-be bride is also invited to the bachelor’s party. The party is often planned by the groom’s friends or the best man.

Typically, Bachelor’s party is associated with drinking in the club, gambling, visiting strip clubs, etc. However, there are several other ways to enjoy bachelor’s party without hurting family and the groom’s sentiments. Here are some bachelor’s party ideas to help you plan an unforgettable bachelor’s party for your dear friend.

Adventure Night Out

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If the soon-to-be groom is an adventure lover, you have several options to plan a bachelor’s party. You can make plan for an overnight fishing trip. Sailing on the boat in the night over the sea is great fun and the groom would surely remember the night. You can also go for kayaking, river rafting, para gliding, bunjee jumping, under-water diving. A boys’ adventurous trip would surely impress the groom. Make sure you carry a camera to capture the fun bachelor moments.

Wine Tasting

Instead of gulping down gallons of beer, you can try some different and sophisticated drinks on bachelor’s party. Drink wine. If you live in a wine country, you can take your friend on a road trip to visit the different wineries for wine tasting. You and your friends can have a great experience tasting the subtlety, and smelling the sweet aromas of fine wines, while enjoying the beautiful scenery on the way to the wineries. Ensure that you have prior booking at the wineries you wish to visit. This is because most wineries don’t appreciate impromptu wine-tasting sessions.

Sky Diving

If you are looking for more adrenaline pumping bachelor’s party experience, take the adventure to altogether different heights by planning a sky diving for your soon-to-be groom friend. The sky diving will surely remain immortal in the person’s mind and he will appreciate your creativity for planning such an event. There is no better way to feel that you are a free man than jumping off a plane from 15,000 feet with a group of your closest friends. Make sure that you carry your camcorder on the plane and record the terrified face and reactions of all while going down.


You can plan some kind of punishment ideas to be meted out to the groom on the bachelor’s day party. Making the groom look like a fool is the best trick. Make sure that the punishment is meted out in front of other people (family members and friends). The punishment would include making the groom perform some pre-listed dares. Make sure you don’t go overboard with the dares. Keep it simple yet exciting.

The above-mentioned bachelor’s party ideas are sure to spruce up the celebrations for the groom to cherish the memories for long.




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