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Everything about organizing Corporate Events – inspiration, decoration themes, DIY ideas, food and drinks menu, games, activities, e-invitations and more

How to throw a Retirement Party

What feelings does the word retirement bring to you?! Is it the end of a career or the beginning of a freer life?!! Is it the beginning of a long wait for the end of this lifetime or the embarking of a new exciting fun-filled adventure of living your life …

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Dinner Party at 7…

Introduction Dinner Parties are the best of all parties, when it comes to celebrating an occasion. Evenings are a time when generally everyone feels enthusiastic, high-spirited, all game for some fun! Hosting a dinner party sometimes is also the right way to catch up with friends and family. How to …

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Best Cocktail Party Ideas

To some die-hard patrons of parties, a party is not a party if not a Cocktail Party. The beauty of a cocktail party lies in the fact that the guests get a toast of a heady mix of some of the finest drinks in one go, enjoying the atmosphere, all the …

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