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Photography and Photoshoot

Photography and Photoshoot – Ideas, inspiration and tips

Tips to Hire a Wedding Photographer that’s just the right match for you

As your wedding day if fixed and all the preparations are in motion, it comes down to one last thing – hiring someone to capture the precious moments of you with your loved ones and to highlight the ones that show off raw emotions in pre-wedding functions and during the …

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Photo Booth Ideas for Weddings 2020!!

We all are aware of it that what we cherish in life are the moments that we spend with people, those moments become a memory as the time passes. In Indian weddings, we create so many memories that we want to cherish forever as those are filled with sweetness, playfulness, …

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Pro Tips To Use Smoke Bombs For Your Wedding Photoshoot!

Indian weddings are full of whimsical decor to extravagant outfits, weddings these days are becoming as lavish as it gets. In wedding photography, many elements are used to capture the perfect click of the couple. Before it used to be stoic couples posing on stages and guests being captured at …

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