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Things Photographers Should Do While Stuck at Home!

There is no secret that most of us are stuck at home due to this nerve-wracking coronavirus pandemic. Most of us have no possible incomes as times are tough but you can use this lockdown time as an advantage and try doing the things that normally you don’t have enough time to do. No doubt there are a lot of great things to watch on Netflix and Prime Video, but rather than spending time watching them you can try doing these seven things that we have mentioned below as it will help your business while stuck at home. 


Update Your Portfolio 

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The most important part of your work as a photographer is to keep your portfolio updated. Most of the people do not get enough time to do that on a regular basis due to their busy schedule. But now this is the time to go to your website and remove the images that are too old and are of less standard quality. You can even check your social media accounts for the same. Try updating your new and recent work and you can even start a blog on the same. 


Update Your SEO 

Normally as some of you are not able to give attention to your portfolio you do the same with your SEO. While posts with great SEO can live on without much work, there are always ways to better your ranking or to expand your reach, especially with Google’s ever-changing algorithms and added features. For example, featured snippets are a unique way to jump yourself in front of position one. If you are looking for an amazing SEO resource, check out the Fuel Your Photos Facebook group for free content including free challenges, videos, and podcasts. If you are looking for a quick jump-start guide with in-depth walkthroughs, definitely check out their amazing online classes as that can teach you many new things. While doing all this you can even start creating backlinks side by side to your website by writing some blogs. We are sure that these are going to help you. There are also many tools and many guides available online to learn how to use them for your SEO.


Learn New Things

No doubt in saying that nowadays, the internet is flooded with all new ideas to enhance your photography as well as tips to get better at running your business. It is tough to take your time out from your daily hectic schedule. So, this is the right time during the lockdown to learn new things online and motivate yourself to achieve better. This time is perfect to educate and learn yourself with new things because now you can even get enough time to practice that. 


Practice at Home 

The best way to practice during the lockdown is by documenting your family. Well, this will not directly impact on your business as this will only help you enhance your skills. You can daily add new images to your social media platforms trying out your new skills. If you will add new images on social media you will even get feedback on them that will help you to know where your skills lack. 


Clear Out Space

It is a great time to go through your all little stashes of gear and get rid of what is not in use for you. You can sell it out to those who need that more than you. It could be lenses, old cameras, lights or any type of gear that has just been sitting on a shelf collecting dust. You can even donate your old stuff to people who are struggling in the same profession or are new to it. This is also a great time to remove your all old Lightroom catalogues, trial software, and old files you don’t need taking up hard drive space. This can be really helpful to you as there will be enough storage available for you to store new things.

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