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Tips to Make Easter Celebration Special!

In the Christian Calendar, Easter is no doubt one of the most special occasions. It marks the time when families, couples and young friends organize parties, go out on vacations or spend quality time together. If you weren’t able to go out on vacation or meet your family members on Christmas a few months ago, now is the time to do it all!

Whether you believe in religion or not, Easter can be a perfect occasion to take a refreshing break from a monotonous schedule and step back in time for a while. Life is not just about slogging in an office for dollars every day! It is about living, being happy and spreading warmth and cheers all around!

The magic of the colourful and tranquil spring season adds to the charm of Easter. Millions of people from across the globe make special arrangements to make it really special. Read on to know more on how you can celebrate at home, plan a party or shop for this great occasion.

Planning an Event?

Celebrate Easter

Below you will find a compilation of few simple and interesting ideas to celebrate Easter. You do not have to use these ideas or suggestions verbatim, go head and personalize the occasion!

  1. Put on a nice dress and go to church with your partner. Unless you are going out on a vacation, it is not hard to find an hour or two to visit a local church.
  2. Invite all your family members for a delicious meal. A festive occasion becomes really festive when all members of the family get together to spend some quality time. Do not wait for others to make all the arrangements. You can take the first step this time!
  3. Decorate your home for Easter. You can buy some decorative items for the spring season. This time of the year marks the beginning of a peaceful and colourful season. You can buy new curtains, table covers, aprons, doormats, timepieces etc. during this time. Finding Easter-themed decorative items won’t be hard if you intend to shop online.
  4. Help your kids in creating crafts that demonstrate Jesus Christ’s resurrection. It is not hard to mould some clay to create a cave and some other objects at home. Kids are quite excited to take part in such activities.

Whether you believe in God or not, it always makes sense to celebrate Easter in a way that adds cheer to the lives of your dear ones, and of course you!

Below you will find a compilation of some tried and tested ideas to make the most out of occasions like Easter.

Plan a Great Easter Party

One of the best ways to welcome peaceful springtime is to host a great Easter party. Gift yourself a nice party planning book, to begin with, if you like. Organizing a fun party is not a hassle as long as you are ready to try out some exciting ideas. From a religious point of view, the occasion is related to the resurrection of Jesus Christ. However, several interesting traditions have been attached to Easter now. These traditions can make your party unique and memorable for you and your guests –

  1. Buy easter theme-specific invitation cards from a local/online store or send free easter e-invitations and e-cards. It is easy to find preprinted/predesigned Easter party invitation cards with blank spaces where you can mention the venue, time etc. You can also use free online invitation sites like Venuelook or social networking sites such as WhatsApp to invite everyone to a private event. In this case, checking the response of guests is quick and easy.
  2. Decorate your Easter party with various emblems (Easter eggs for example) and spring flowers. You can cover tables and catering benches by traditional pastel-coloured banners.
  3. Ask people around you for menu ideas. Some light appetizers are a must-have in an Easter party menu. In the beginning, you can serve finger foods to your guests. The choice of finger foods or snacks will also depend upon the general preference of your guests (if they prefer healthy over junk food, or if some are diabetic et al.). After tasting some appetizers like fruit salads, veggies and sandwiches, your guests can go for a sit-down meal in the end. Make sure your menu has a good number of refreshments as well.
  4. It is a good idea to organize some fun activities like an Easter egg hunt. These activities will cheer up every guest at the party. Spoon race (a race where you hold a spoon in your mouth and run with a lemon or an egg in the spoon) and egg toss are some cute and silly party activities that you may also consider.

You can visit an online party store to find some Easter packages. These packages generally include invitation cards, party favours, emblems, themed banners and table covers.

Shop for Easter

A large number of people plan to hit local and online stores for Easter shopping. Whether you want to buy specials, crafts, gift cards or some essential items for home use, Easter is a great occasion to do that. Most stores put up new stuff on display during this time. Therefore, you will have no trouble finding new designs, latest fashion wear etc. Read on to know more:

  1. If you got some Christmas gift cards, there is no reason why you shouldn’t use them now! Most people use Christmas gift cards for Easter shopping every year. Before these cards expire, use them!
  2. Like Halloween, people spend large sums of money on buying candy on this occasion. It is fine to buy candies but you must not do it at the risk of causing weight gain or other health issues. Instead of spending a lot of money on candies, you can just utilize the allotted budget to buy something else. For example, toys, sports pieces of equipment and game boards can be excellent replacements for big bags of candies on Easter.
  3. If you are looking for some exciting deals, you need to shop online. Local stores face little competition and therefore, you cannot expect them to offer specials. Online retailers, on the other hand, are hundreds in number. They continue to offer special packages, discounts and deals, one after another, to attract customers. From toys and candies to chocolate baskets and Easter emblems, you can shop for almost anything online.










That’s not all. There are so many more wonderful things you can do and plan to celebrate Easter and make it a memorable event. We will keep posting more on Easter, meanwhile, we do expect you to share your thoughts and ideas on celebrating Easter in the comments section below.

Hope you have a wonderful Easter celebration! Cheers!

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