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Ways to Celebrate Holy Week and Easter with Your Family

For all those who have faith in Jesus and the Bible, the Holy Week and the festival of Easter hold a huge significance. Every time this auspicious occasion is around the corner, there is a vibe of religious sincerity mixed with exuberance and elation in the air.
This is the time to not just make merry but also to sincerely remember Jesus and his magnanimous sacrifice for humanity, his death and resurrection, all in deep reverence. This is when you pass down the wisdom to the young ones in the family, when you can educate them about the importance of love, sacrifice and virtue.
But all this can be done in a fun and creative way so that your children learn it all happily; and the elders of the family, along with sincere worship, can also revel in the joy of Easter.

Here are some useful ideas you can follow to make your Holy Week and Easter celebration a truly joyful experience with your family:

1. The Palm-Sunday

As the Holy Week begins with the Palm Sunday, it’s the perfect time to start it with reading Matthew 2:1-11 along with your family. You can go to the Church for Palm Sunday service or be home with family to reminisce Jesus by reading the Easter story in the Bible together. To be creative, you can also dress up and enact the part when Jesus arrives in Jerusalem, leading to his crucifixion and resurrection.

The Palm Day

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2. The Holy Wednesday

The Holy Wednesday, marking the betrayal of Jesus by Judas, can be commemorated by spring-cleaning your house as if you are washing away your own sins and negativity. Along with cleaning your house thoroughly, you can also sit together and do some soul-searching and soul-cleansing by remembering Jesus and his sacrifice. You can also create a small Repentance box and have your family drop chits with their repentances written inside. This is sure to leave you feeling internally cleansed and at peace on this sacred occasion.

The Holy Wednesday

3. Maundy Thursday and Good Friday

As the days signify the noble desire of Jesus to serve humankind, his premonition, and his prediction of his own death, this time of the Holy Week is perfect for observing with family members by discussing Jesus, his teachings and the value of sacrifice. Company of Hot Cross Buns is something that enhances the joy of this day as you celebrate it with your loved ones. Taking your kids out to distribute alms to the poor is also a good way of observing these solemn days.

The Maunty Thursday

4. The Easter Day

As the main occasion arrives, dressing up and going to the Church is customary. Along with the traditional celebration, you can also try some creative ideas for celebrating this meaningful festival, that too with a dash of unconventional style. You can plan a special Easter brunch or outing with family. Also, following the significance of Easter egg, you can set up a small game or competition of coloring and decorating eggs for your kids to make the celebration more lively and fun while you educate them on how eggs represent life. Another wise way to teach your children about the deep meaning of life is by planting a plant or a tree with them.

The Easter Day

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