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Days & Moments of All Our Years with Cheers of 50th Anniversary

50th wedding anniversaries are one of the most important milestones in a married couple’s life. Many people host a party for their parents or the happy couple host a party for themselves when it comes down to this special occasion. No matter who hosts, it’s a must to celebrate and ring in 50 years of marriage with a party as special as the amount of time spent together. This is the milestone that every married couple strives for. We congratulate each and every couple that reaches this milestone.


Sparkly invitation

Start with gold accents on the invitations! Send out a golden invite to your guests.

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Flashy Balloons

Decorate the room or hall with glittery gold, white or black balloons for a dramatic effect. You can group some together to float above each table or tie photos on several strings for amazing ambiance. Number balloons are very popular for all types of occasions and would work perfectly for a 50th anniversary.


Bottle stopper

orge Your Golden Anniversary theme into your favours, too! Marriage means sailing of two Souls into one ship, and these favours symbolise the celebrated couple’s “Golden Bond.” bottle stoppers are great to hand out to guests, and they will always remember the happy couple when they use them.


Toast to golden years

Make this marvelous & sparkle event with customized stemless Champagne Glasses which include the couple’s names or the number “50.” Let your guests take the glasses home as a souvenir to remember the wonderful occasion!

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